Monday, January 21, 2013

It All Came Full Circle Today

Today was beyond great for me. 

My friend, Caitlin texted me a couple of days ago and said that she was in town. She asked  if I would like to have lunch with her, Chelsea, and Brittany on Monday. 

I happily accepted - it had been way too long of not seeing these girls. 

me, Brittany holding Ava, Chelsea, and Caitlin in green :) 

So today we met at Shooters on the intracoastal. My favorite part of today was getting to introduce Ava to the girls...but ESPECIALLY to Chelsea Watson.  Chelsea was one of my childhood best friends. I am pretty sure her and I begged our moms to let us play every day after school at her house. Her mom would pull up to St. Anthony School and I would hop into their suburban with Chelsea and her sister - Melissa- and brother- Justin. 
We have so many amazing memories together. 

Chelsea is the reason I met Mark. 

Her parents used to live on Mark's street in Coral Ridge. 
So naturally, I met Mark as he used to ride his go-ped with Chelsea's brother, Justin. 

We would all spend hours outside playing on the street - kick ball, four square, going swimming, pushing each other in the canal, etc. 

Mark even used to write me love notes and I would keep them in Chelsea's room... I couldn't bring them home! Then my mom found find them! ;) haha

So here were are today. Chelsea is a newlywed and is now a fellow 'Mrs. Mc" with me :P

She married Steve McFarland and made a BEAUTIFUL bride! 

...So today was beyond special for me. Getting to see Chelsea hold Ava and know that without Chelsea, Ava wouldn't have been Ava. I may have ended up never knowing Mark, marrying someone else, and having another little baby one day...but it wouldn't have been Ava. It was so special to see the two of them together. It all came full circle today. 

Ava is my everything and it just makes smile seeing her with the friend who made her possible. I pretty much owe A LOT to Chelsea. :) 

Ava could not stop smiling at Chelsea. Love that big gummie smile! Chelsea is so maternal...I could see her becoming a mom very soon and being an amazing one at that. 

I was so happy to be able to see my other good childhood friend Caitlin! She lives in Chicago now with her sweet boyfriend. We were talking about the transition of living here to now Chicago. It was Caitlin's birthday the other day so it was great getting to see her for that too. 

And last but certainly not least, our friend Brittany was there too. She works with Chelsea but I happened to meet her in Tallahassee through our mutual friend - Matt Davenport. Small world. She is one of my crazy, fanatical FSU friends :) 

Now we are back home and Ava is napping. This photo is Ava before her nap. Someone is trying to find her thumb...

{Sometimes I catch her sticking all her fingers in her mouth. She is still learning...} 

So that was our Monday so far. Now to fold laundry and take Ava out for a walk when she wakes up. :) 

Hope everyone is having a nice MLK Day Monday.

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