Friday, January 4, 2013

Holidays 2012

Sooo...this holiday season kicked my butt!!!! It was so amazing yet so exhausting! 
This is a little review (because I don't have much time but need to catch up...) 

Christmas photos taken at Colee Hammock Park in Fort Lauderdale. This used to be a party spot in high school and now is a family picture taking spot for me :) ha. I love this park. Mark and I would walk Las Olas, go to Kilwins, get sweets and then come here to lay around in the park back in the day. So what better place to come for our first family picture! These pictures were done in about 5 min. It was almost time for Ava to eat - and so we hurried! 

This is Ava going to Mark's office for the 1st time. It was their own little West Palm Beach branch office party. Their bigger holiday party was in downtown Ft. Lauderdale prior to this. We attended and Mark won "Top Manager of 2012" and his team lead from West Palm won "Top Team Lead." So proud of the West Palm Branch! Mark is doing a great job and I am so proud of him. 

This was my friend, Rachael Walker's, birthday fun! They themed it as an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party." This was so great..It was the first time in a {long time} that I was able to see a lot of my friends and throw back a few cocktails with them ;) Luckily, I have great friends that understand my absence!

This was followed by my friend, Nick's birthday also known as "Ricksmas!" We all got together again and celebrated with a pig roast. 

On the 23rd, Mark's Aunt, Uncle, and cousin came down from ND to visit. They own a house in Naples, FL as well and so they come down from time to time. We were so happy to see them. They wanted to charter a yacht and so we thought what better company to use than Charter One Yachts! Also, who needs to pay a captain when we have one in the family... So Mark gladly took out his "other love" and we enjoyed our cruise. 

Ava's 1st boat ride :) 

Christmas Eve was a bittersweet. Every year since birth I have spent it in Miami with my Vega family. It is "Noche Buena" and is spent roasting pig, staying up late, and quality time with the Cuban side of my family. My grandmother has not gotten any better since her back surgery and so she didn't think it would be a good idea to have the entire family over... 
So this was 1st year that I attended Mark's Lutheran church for Christmas eve service and then to his parents' house for dinner. It was beautiful - but I did miss my family.
We did go and visit my grandparents earlier that day to drop off gifts. 

And then, CHRISTMAS MORNING! My friend, Megan Nolan, bought Ava this adorable elf hat and cute! My mom bought her this reindeer outfit with a tutu. Love it. It was a great morning of opening gifts followed by Mark cooking me, my mom, and grandma breakfast. Later that day, we went to his parents house for Christmas dinner and saw all of the fun gifts that Santa brought Tommy and Luke. 

Later that night, Mark and I took Ava to my friend, Kyle Shea's, home. It is a tradition for my friends and their parents to have dessert, coffee, and cocktails at the Shea's every Christmas evening. I love going every year because all of us are reunited- even if it is for one night. It was awesome to be able to introduce my friends and their parents (who watched me grow up) to my daughter! {{{wow, it still sounds weird to me when I say "my daughter."}}}
Also, you could tell this year was different... 
Usually, after at the Shea's home, all of the younger people (us) decide to go out until about 5am because we haven't been together like that in a while...(some of us live out of state now)
This year: I had a baby, most of us had jobs to go to in the morning, and so there was no "late night" this year :( All the kids are growing up! 
(Sorry, no pictures from this)

On the 26th, my friend Kelly (blonde below) texted us girls and said to meet up at Tap42 that night. After a day of returns and shopping, I was excited to see my girls! 

Many of the girls had left by this picture taken below-  and then we bumped into a few more yahoos from high school ;)

Later that week, Mark's dad, step mom, and brothers flew in from Oregon! This was awesome. We went out for dinners, rode around Ft. Lauderdale in the water taxi, and did some MORE bow shopping for Ava's cute little head. (Someone take my wallet, I can't help it!)
Grandma Sue McGuire getting to meet Ava!

All of the brothers: the Lorenz boys & the McGuire boys...and little bitty AVA BEANS

Then there was this day... nothing special - I just LOVE this picture, that's all :) 
How freaking cute is our kid?!?! I could kiss her all day long...and I do. 

And then before you knew it, it was finally New Years Eve. We decided to stay in with Ava and have our first family new years eve together at home :)

And finally, our beloved Seminoles played and won the Orange Bowl! Our seats were amaze-balls and we had a great time. It was our first night without Ava. 

 She did well at her grandmas and we partied like pre-baby days! ha 
I missed my girl so much that I woke up after only 4 hours of sleep to go and pick her up... 

Suresh flew in from Dallas :) Great seeing him! 

Well, I am sure I missed A LOT, but it has been a challenge to sit down and be able to record all of this...

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! 

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