Friday, January 18, 2013

"Meeting Kristine's Kiddos!" Snapshots of Today 1-18-13

 I may be doing this this "Snapshots" thing more often. Less wordy and more memory through pictures for future recollection. {Unless I really have a lot to say...}

Today was a great day. 
I was invited by an old high school pal, Kristine, to come over to her home and meet her son and newborn daughter. Her daughter is only about 2 weeks younger than Ava. 

I jumped at the opportunity. First of all, I haven't seen her in FOREVER. Second of all, having mom friends at this point of your life is VITAL. I am still learning and so having people to talk to and help you along the way is great. Her and several other girls from high school, college, and just people I have met through them have been such a great support system for me. 

{So a long, overdue, THANK YOU !!! to: 
Justine, Kristine, Vana, Mallory, Shaara, Brittney, Karina, Christine, MaryAnn, Katie, & Fabiana 
(anyone I forgot to list here- I'm sorry!!)

When you're a new mom it is so nice to have other moms who know exactly what you're going through. These ladies helped me register for gifts and all sorts of tips&tricks. So again, thank you! :O)

Back to today....

Started off by Ava watching her 1st episode of Sesame Street. You don't understand how happy this makes me. {I secretly LOVE Elmo's voice} 
Yes, she is "watching." I see her staring at the colorful, moving objects on TV. 

While Ava watched Elmo...

I showered and got ready to go to Kristine's house. Since I had a little extra time, I baked her family some fudge brownies. I also attached a little white, flower bow that I bought for her daughter. I see her daughter on Facebook but never wearing any bows! {You know me and little girls wearing bows...}

When I arrived, both kids were napping so this gave me and Kristine a moment to "catch up." Soon after we did, little Carter woke up and I finally got to meet this gorgeous little boy. He is going to be a heart breaker one day! He was a little shy when he first woke up - hence the look on his face as he was probably wondering who the heck I was. 

...And then her adorable baby girl woke up. Kelsey is adorable and it was so cute to see how she looked just like her father and Carter looked just like his mother. 

{maybe....if we decide to have another will be a boy? and look like ME?! :) That would be nice since Ava is all Mark. 

Now I am back home, Ava is napping, and it is time to relax. I have my mango tea in my garnet "Chicago" mug that my best friend, Ali, bought for me. (She has the gold mug with her in Chicago.) We used to drink our coffee together in these when I lived up there. MISS YOU, ALI!
...And now, time to sit back with my ipad and read all the other blogs I follow :)  

I wonder if I need to cook dinner? It's Friday! ...Maybe I can just talk Mark into bringing home some sushi after work :) 

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