Monday, January 28, 2013

A Sunday Afternoon Stroll & Ava's Physical Therapy

Sunday 1/27/13

Sunday was a pretty typical Sunday...
We went to 9:30 service at Mark's church then took A1A to find a place to eat. 
We ended up going to Big City Tavern for lunch. Ava was a good little bean as usual :) 
On our drive over I saw my beloved beach being reconstructed. Makes me happy to see that it is being fixed but sad to see it this way right now. 
My best high school memories with my friends were on this beach. 
{love you, my eastsiders!}

Anyways, back to Sunday...
We ate some food then took Ava on a really long stroll down all of Las Olas.

 We ended up at Colee Hammock Park and turned around to head back. On our walk, I heard a honk and a saw a big wave hello. It was my friend, Karl, driving in his new Jeep. Love that boy! That's the great thing about living in the city you grew up in... you usually bump into a friend. 

Monday 1/28/13

Today was not so much fun...

I was told on one of Ava's check up's that she has Torticollis. Torticollis literally means "twisted neck." The doctor told me that this may have been a result of Ava being positioned oddly when she was inside of me,  a result to the delivery, or even positions that she is often in at home. So because of this painless "stiff neck"  she has a pretty flat head. 

So today we were scheduled for Ava's first physical therapy appointment. I was getting nervous up until today. Personally, I have gone through physical therapy for jaw surgery in middle school and it is no fun!

I kept imagining them putting Ava's neck in awkward positions and her crying because she was unfortable...

{and then I would find myself crying. Literally crying from just IMAGINING this.}

I swear, I can hide a lot of emotion but the second it comes to Ava, I am a wreck!!!

Long story - short - She did great. She smiled at her physical therapist the entire time and this made me sigh in relief. 

I didn't want to have to go all "crazy Cuban mama bear" on them - because I know I would have.

The only tough part was waiting for them to call us in. I am not a fan of Ava in doctor offices or hospitals being so little and fragile. I had her in her "stroller cocoon" so she couldn't breathe in sick people...

My instructions are to keep her on her side and stomach as much as possible. 

{Bring on the mommy anxiety of her turning face flat and suffocating. 
I will be a nervous wreck in the weeks to come not taking my eyes off of her.} 

So now that we are home, I am in bed watching her nap - on her side. 
I even put her newborn hospital cap on to try and mold her head a little faster. Who knows if that even helps but it is worth a shot.  Watching her nervously {because I am crazy nervous to make sure I do everything right when it comes to Ava--- I sit here and watch her while thinking...
There really is nothing- not a single thing- that I would not do for this baby. Whatever I need to do, I will always do it no matter what. 

One thing I have learned already in the 9 months of pregnancy and 3 months as a new mom is that the moment you know there is another heartbeat that you have created, everything changes. 

So, Ava, we conquered the 2 cephalotomas, the severe level jaundice, your crooked little foot {from her position inside of me as well.} 
...maybe I need a larger waist?! 

and now we will conquer the Torticollis. 
Don't worry, mama will make it all better. 

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