Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Happy 28th Birthday, Mark!!!!
Today is his official birthday. Yesterday we were met by a bunch of our friends to surprise Mark. 
We have the greatest friends. Thank you all for coming out.. you made Mark feel very special (he told me so.)
We went to American Social, Tarpon Bend, and later to Tap42 for dinner where he ordered his favorite thing on the menu "the drunken goat burger."

Right now, Mark is golfing with his best friend, Jared, who came into town to surprise him on Friday night. 

After they finish up around noon, he and Jared will meet up with me, Jacki, and Ava for brunch on Las Olas. Tonight, we plan on having dinner at Mark's parents home :) 

{{Happy birthday to my handsome husband. You are the greatest man I know. As cliche' as it sounds, I love you more with each passing day. To me, each year you become more handsome, wiser, and even more of a gentleman. You are an amazing and loyal friend to all that you befriend and I know your friends all love you so much for it. 
Happy birthday, my love.}}

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  1. Happy late bday son in law. Thanks for all you are. And then some. Love yaa to. Ps I'm getting gulf clubs soon, it's on now. Cuban with clubs


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