Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Mark!

Happy 4 year Anniversary, my love! 

Four years ago today you gave me a wedding day that I'll never forget. Years prior, I had envisioned a very small, beach wedding with you and you went ahead and outdid yourself. You planned a beautiful evening for us along Fort  Lauderdale's intercostal aboard the Floridian Princess. 
You picked the venue, the flowers, the food, the day - everything ! You made that day and months leading up to it so stress-free. I like it say that it was a perfect portrayal of how being married to you would be...and it has! 
So far, you have surpassed my expectations with your hard work by providing for us and making sure that we are always taken care of. You are the most humble, kind, and forgiving man I know and for that, I am so grateful to share my life with you. You've blessed me with the world's goofiest and sweetest little girl making me the happiest mama ever. I look forward to welcoming our next child in March with you while crying tears of joy all over again. 

Thank you, Mark, for always putting 100% into our marriage. You are the most amazing husband and continue to make me laugh out loud like you did when I was 9 years old. 
I love you and always will.  

Christina (mookie, creepy, wifey, stinky, babe, dum dum, and all the other crazy names you call me) 


  1. Creepy. Hahahaha happy anniversary!!!xoxo

  2. Happy Anniversary! You two are a beautiful couple!

  3. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you have a great guy on your hands. :)


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