Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ava Update

Thought I'd use today's photos as a good opportunity to make an "Ava Update" that we can look back on later when she is older. You can never have enough of these. I am always hearing moms say that 
they wish they would have written more in their child's baby book, took more photos, recorded more videos, etc. 

So here we are. 22 months old! 

I know for the non parents out there, it can be annoying to you when parents continue with the "month" ages as they get older. Well, until Ava is 2 it is hard for me to just call her 1. She is clearly not 12 months old. She wasn't even close to walking when she was 12 months old. So I will describe her in months until the big 24 months....2 years old!!! Sniff...

 Ava's Likes: 

"Mimmie Mou!" (Minnie Mouse) 


Cat in the Hat

Toy trains 

Soccer ball 


Recognizing shapes (especially saying "Oval") 

Shouting out letters when she sees them


Picking flowers 

Riding in her "car" outside 

Taking off her clothes and diaper while in her crib (not fun for mommy) 


Yogurt with granola 

Frozen coconut oil chunks

Riding in Daddy's truck 

Visiting her family 

Spotting ducks 

When Daddy gets home from work (she yells, "Daa-deeeeee!!!!") 

Ava's Dislikes: 

Bedtime (sometimes) 

Leaving the playground 

When she loses her favorite Lego man's hat (She calls him "Gooke")

Ava's favorite places: 

Her castle tent in her room

The back porch 

Nana's house 

Her great grandparents' home (Miami) 


The neighborhood playground 

Ava's bedtime: 8:00 PM 

Ava's wake time: 8:00AM 

Ava's nap time: 2:00PM 

Ava's new words: 

Awesome "awe-shum"

What's up "wassup"

Cool "coo"

Why "Wwwwhhhhyyyy" 

Ava's favorite thing: 


I am probably missing a lot of things but that's all I can think of for now... 
We were supposed to head to Miami today to visit my grandparents but my grandmother is still recovering from her most recent back surgery. 
Today, Ava and I went for a morning jog around the neighborhood.  That reminds me...I can't believe that I will need a double BOB jogging stroller soon! AH
After that, we were playing outside quite a bit. She picked a dozen flowers and had fun kicking and throwing the soccer ball. 
This weekend, we will be heading to a family birthday party on the beach and then Ava will hang out
at Nana's while Mark and I head to Slackers Bar & Grill to watch the FSU v Clemson game with the Broward Noles.  

Happy Thursday! 

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