Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Snapshots of Today: Ava Meets the Cat in the Hat !!!

This post is being made ASAP for my mother. She was sad that she couldn't witness this so these pictures are especially for her. (Don't worry, mom... Jessica came with us and got it on video too!) 

This morning, Ava got to meet her favorite character (besides Elmo...or dare I say more than Elmo?!) The Cat in the Hat!!! 

Every day at 6:30 on PBS, Ava knows it is "Go Go!" time! The Cat in The Hat sings a song where he sings "We're going to GO GO GO....on an adventure!" so naturally, Ava calls him "Go Go". 
Her favorite part is the song so she gets all giddy and gets the biggest smile on her face :) 
It is pretty cute. 

So when I saw that our favorite toy store was having the Cat in the Hat come and visit, we invited our friends Jessica and baby Christian to join us. 
I am pretty sure that Ava was the most excited out of all of the kids as most of them started crying when they saw him or just stood there wondering what was going on. haha
Ava wouldn't stay away from him! 

Here are some photos from a really fun morning: 

Excited to go meet "Go Go!"

We strategically positioned ourselves to be the first to see him as he walked out. 

Star struck

Christian is not familiar with the Cat in the Hat yet so he was a little scared.  Such a cute pouty face! 

High-five, Go Go! 
Giving the Cat one of her side hugs


Jessica and her sweet boy

Cute, huh? 

I'm am off to get my 12 week ultrasound later today. I am excited to see our baby girl! 

Hope you all are having a good day. 


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