Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Last 2 Weeks {An Overview}

Hi there :) 

Here is a little recap of the last 2 weeks. Nothing too spectacular going on... Just some pictures from my camera, iPhone, and Instagram account to record some of our recent happenings. 

Tuesday Sept. 16th: Mark came home with pink roses and a pink cupcake for me after we found out that Ava was getting a little sister and that we would soon welcome another beautiful baby girl to our family. 

Wednesday Sept 17th: Meeting Cat in the Hat at the toy store & Doctor Appointment for baby McG

Baby McG looks healthy! (12 week ultrasound) 

Friday Sept 19th: lunch with my good friend, Sarah, at Fresh First in Ft. Lauderdale. 
A sweet gift from Sarah. She also bought Ava a fun Halloween book! (Ava loves it and "reads" it daily. 
Such a great book so far! I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more on living a more clean, healthy, and non toxic way of life. 

This (below) is what Ava loves to do now...
Mark brought out her baby gate that he hadn't used since she crawled and she instantly made it her play "house". She loves opening and shutting the gate and saying hi and bye to us as she goes in and out. This is me having "tea time" with her at her little table that I put inside.

"GAME DAY" Saturday night: FSU vs Clemson game watching at Slackers Bar+Grill 

We won! Go Noles. (I came very close on writing an entire post on our thoughts of all of the "Jameis Winston news" but I think that post would take a really long time.  I also think that no matter what we say, some people will obviously think and believe what they want according to the bias media and not care about what REALLY has been happening to him. 

As you can tell, we are still cheering on our team through thick and thin. To us, what matters are the facts and the true stories. We will ALWAYS be very proud Seminoles. End of story. Oh yeah, we also beat Clemson during overtime that night. Hooray! Mark was jumping up and down like little boy. It was quite the scene. 
Taking a picture with our Broward Noles friends: Patty & Neil. I met them through one of my best friends, Michelle, when we were in 7th grade. They met us up at my friend's West Virginia family home and the rest is history. They've watched me grow up since then. A lot has happened since that West Virginia trip filled with picking blueberries, driving pick up trucks, and wearing camo as Michelle and I tried to convince ourselves that we were hiking through haunted civil war battle grounds.... Hahaha

Sunday morning:
Elmo was coming back to our favorite toy store! 

Picked up some Melissa & Doug goodies while we were there: side walk chalk, finger paint, and non roll crayons.

Saying Goodbye to Elmo. Ava is not happy about that. 

Look, Ava! An antique!

Monday: Side walk chalk fun 
Goodies at Whole Foods:

For my pumpkin coffee! 
Sorry Starbucks... You're PSL is full of crap! You're tasty but filled with toxic ingredients that have been linked to cancer. 

I finally remembered to buy a dry brush for my skin! Drying brushing is a great healthy habit that I have been wanting to start for a long time and just kept forgetting about it. I'll be posting more about it soon. 

(From my Instagram) 
My 2 favorite healthy habits. 
My daily probiotics (found at Whole Foods) and daily Juice Plus+ (not sold in stores) 

If you haven't checked out my website and your interested in learning more about Juice Plus+ you should go browse my site. :)  Feel free to email me with any questions that you may have:

Jessica, my neighbor and good friend, made a delicious batch of lentils! She brought me over a generous amount and so I made organic jasmine rice to pair with it.  It was delicious! She is a fellow healthy mama and loooooves creating healthy meals in her crockpot. 

Now feeling inspired, she and I went through my pantry and refrigerator so that she could show me how easy it is to make my own! I loved it and enjoying adding my own chopped veggies, fresh herbs, and spices in to make it my own. 
 (Takes about 4 hrs on high) 

My new Prenatals! I chose these because they contain folate which occurs naturally in food rather than the synthetic version of folate which is folic acid. It is necessary for women to get enough folate and so I wanted to go one step further and get a healthier prenatal. This is a whole food multivitamin rather than a ton of synethtic versions of what we need in our daily diets. This one is also organic, nonGMO, and even comes in a glass bottle rather than plastic (thumbs up!) It gets rave reviews from other health conscious moms and so far, so good! I am happy I switched to this one.
(Purchased at Whole Foods)

Yesterday: Park play date with Christian 

Always wants to be in the swing...for an hour....


Minnie Mouse is her sidekick 

Is he not the cutest!?

Giving him her cheek for a smooch
Soon to be BIG SISTER

This morning: Ava's little sister is making herself known (or maybe it was all that food I ate the night before at Anthony's Runway84 for Mark's company dinner?!)  
Either way, I am excited to have my baby bump back!!!

Later on the morning got even better! I won something!!! I actually had just commented the day before on a post that Ava's toy store had put on Facebook before even reading what the post said. Learning Express Toys has a section in the front of the store filled with adorbale goodies for the moms: Lily Pulitzer, jewelry, Game Day accessories, etc. 
So I just commented "Go Noles! Such beautiful colors for the Fall and football season" and later realized that I "entered" into their giveaway. 
Well, I won! I get this pretty Garnet & Gold necklace as soon as I go and pick it up :) Yay! 

Later today: Jessica and Christian reading stories with Ava. Jessica is "Ca" to Ava and Ava absolutely loves her. 

Saying goodbye to Christian...Ava was ready to go down for her nap. 

And that's all I have for now! Nothing too exciting going on but that's good in my world. Everyone is happy and healthy (my grandma is recovering well from her last back surgery) and for that, I am so grateful. 
This weekend will be low key and full of college football (yay) and next weekend we are driving up to Jacksonville to see our group of friends that live up there. A bunch of Mark's fraternity brothers and their wives are a really fun group and so we try to visit them in Jacksonville as much as we can. 
There are two new babies that we have yet to meet and so we are so excited for that. There are also two more wives that are expecting babies as well so it will be nice to get to hear all about their experience so far. 

I can't wait! 

Hope everyone is having a great week! 
(Sorry for the long, uneventful post!) 


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