Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby McGuire is a...........

Well, the bad news is that Mark was not able to go to my appointment with me. Today is the "last day of the month" and that means that it is the busiest and craziest day at Mark's company...He told me last night and was pretty upset about it - so was I. :( I then texted my friend, Michelle, and just told her about the Mark situation and that we were sad  but still hoping to find out what the baby was going to be...a boy or a girl! So  Michelle quickly replied, "CAN I GO??!!" So I asked Mark if that was okay and he said, "of course!" So 5 minutes later I get a text from my friend Sarah saying, "Can I come too?!?" haha So I said sure and we would see if they allowed both of them in the room. My doctor's office said yes, and they videotaped the whole thing for Mark :) Happy my girls were there with me. I later called Mark as soon as I got out of the appointment and asked him if he wanted to know now or when he got home late tonight...he said NOW. So I squealed, "Daddy's little GIRL!!!!" He was very happy and said, "my mom is going to be SO happy!" haha...Here are some pictures below...

my cold water and fruit smoothie on the way to the appointment ( I was told my many what to drink to have the baby up and moving so that we could see a clear picture!) 

The flowers I bought for my mother in law. I drove to her house, poked my head in the doorway, and said
"ready for some good news?!" and walked in with her flowers...SHE CRIED AND LAUGHED AT THE SAME TIME :)  She is thrilled! After having 3 boys herself, she is ready for some bows! I had already gone to see my mom, and she is very very happy for a 3rd generation Scorpio GIRL - she will be feisty like me and my mom, ha. 

My happy mother in law, Debbie - recovering from knee surgery and now happy to have something to shop for online while she rests. 

WWWOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! My little girl is on the way and looks healthy :) I AM A STATE OF PURE to SHOPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am already picking out Lilly dresses online for her!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!! SO EXCITING! I told Jihn after reading your post last night that I thought you were having a girl!!!! Ahhhh! Congrats again!


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