Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crossing our fingers...Boy? Girl?

This week I have been spending time with my mother in law, Debbie. She had knee surgery on Tuesday morning at Broward General. (With that said, I want to thank Lana Farrell- my favorite nurse- for keeping an eye on her post operation! Love you, Lana!) She is doing great, and I will say that it has been nice spending time with her- just the two of us. We, of course, have been talking about all things baby...TODAY ESPECIALLY.

Tomorrow is my next ultrasound for my monthly OBGYN appointment. I was told last month that if that baby is positioned just right, we will be able to see if the little guppy is a boy or a girl...
I have been counting down the days since then for Thursday, May 31st!!! So tomorrow morning at 8AM, Mark and I will venture over to my doctor's appointment and get the ultrasound followed by the regular check-up appointment where I just ask my doctor questions and she checks the baby's heart beat, my blood pressure...ect. 

I am posting this today to ask you all to join me and Mark and cross your fingers in hopes that the guppy will give us a show tomorrow!!! And if you're wondering (like many ask us) what we are hoping to have - a boy or a girl- we do not care. We would like a boy and a girl one day, so whichever decides to come first will be fine with us. (And of course, if we get 3 girls one day, I wouldn't be upset ;)  and if we have 3 boys one day, Mark wouldn't be upset ;) haha. But on a serious note:  All we hope for is a healthy and happy baby!

Some cute baby girl pictures I found...
I am obsessed with HUGE bows on baby girls. 

look at this little angel...

Cute baby boy pictures I found...

 preppy boy <3

A future Nole

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  1. You look like you are carrying a boy... I was right for the first couple of my friends but have been wrong the last two! Can't wait to hear what you are having!


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