Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ava finally meets ELMO!

Last Wednesday morning my mother in law and I met up at the toy store to introduce Ava to her main man, Elmo! 

She had a great time getting to know him. As there were a ton of kids and parents there for the weekly story time, I had a hard time getting through the crowd to carry her over to Elmo. 
Since Ava was not waiting to wait any longer, I put her down and she made her way through the crowd just fine by climbing and crawling all over adults and kids that were sitting around the area.. My mother in law and I just stayed back and watched from afar with cameras ready. 

I must say, from what I could tell, Ava was one of the least afraid, shy, or quiet child. She went right up to him and played with his nose, gave him a hug, and "talked" to him. 

So happy that she can hold her own. That's our girl! ;) 

And I finally made my way through the crowd to share in the meeting Elmo experience...

And she found a miniature version of "Boo" the Palmeranian pup that she has in her crib. Her Grandma McGuire bought her Boo.  It's been love ever since.  

(This is the world famous: Boo)

So there you have it. Ava finally met Elmo and loved him. She also got see her friends, Sophia, Max, and Mya, that were there meeting Elmo as well.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend. 



  1. A dream come true for your sweetie!!!!
    Adorable...and good for her to get right up there! : )

    1. haha yes...This was actually our first time seeing a character since being a mom! I was excited to see her have so much fun. Ahh the little things that make mamas smile :) haha


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