Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Sorry but your party is too big for a reservation"

Last night was spent at a local Ft. Lauderdale bar/restaurant called Tap42. My friend Kara was in town visiting/wedding planning and so I thought it would be nice to round up the troops so that she'd get to see most of us while she was down here. 

All it takes is one group text message and "the family" is all together. :-)

I decided on Tap42 because I had the hardest time getting a dinner reservation anywhere  (for about 20 people) on a Saturday night... A small price to pay for having a great group of friends...

At Tap, I knew we would have the room to be in or outside and have that flexibility. So here are some pictures of about half of us that were outside at the time. 
As always, it is always a great time with my friends.  Wish I had more pictures, but this is all I got. I was busy catching up with everyone... 


Annalisa, Kara, me, Makenzie, Lana

Hunter & Anthony 

Me & the guest of honor ! Love you, K! 
On my way out, I handed over my grandma's necklace to one of my best friends, Michelle. She mentioned that she liked it as she and I share a love for vintage jewelry. I trust her enough to let her hang onto it for a while. :) I gave it to her to wear because it is one of my favorite pieces that I inherited and it just reminds me of Michelle every time I wear it.
She uploaded that ^ after I had left and I saw it when I woke up this morning on my newsfeed. Made me happy.

And that's all! Another Lauderdale night with the Eastside family. Always a fun time with great friends. 

Today, I'm hoping to head towards the beach to see some of the girls and hopefully Kara one more time before she heads back to Utah. 

Happy Sunday! 



  1. Love Tap42 looks like you all had a great time :)

    1. Isn't it great?! Always a fun time at Tap! haha

  2. Looks like a fun group, and what a gorgeous necklace!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, they're pretty awesome. I've known many of them since I was 5...
      And thank you! My grandmother collected a lot of gorgeous pieces that I will cherish forever :)

  3. Sounds like a fab night out!! I'm your newest follower!! Your family is too cute!!

    Best, Mree

    1. Thanks, Mree! It was a great night out! Need another soon ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by, Carroll :) It was a fun evening :) SO grateful to have a great group of my childhood friends still close by


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