Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thursday + Valentine's Day + This morning


Heading to Myapapaya to have lunch with my childhood friend (since I was 4), Sarah! 
This is what I actually look like lately... Wearing Ava's sunglasses because she wants me to and it makes her smile :)
 I'll spare my vanity for her smiles. 

Lunch with Sarah! Lunch was delicious and heathy as always when I go to 
If you're a local, go try it out if you haven't already. "Mya" is the owners' daughter and around Ava's age. Love that little cutie. 
Sarah brought Ava two gifts. One from her that she brought back from Paris and one from our friend, Michelle. Our child is so spoiled... and I have nothing to do with it! Woohoo. So don't blame me! 
Sarah saved me because I had dropped the ball and hadn't purchased Ava a Valentine's Day outfit.


Valentine's Day! 

Mommy acting like fool for Ava laughs 
My Valentine's Day gift to Mark when he came home from work:
A man bouquet of goodies 
Mark bought Ava and I flowers, a card, and a balloon. Mark made him and I a nice seafood dinner and finished it off with drinks on the porch listening to music as usual :) Couldn't have asked for a better "Amatuer day" as we call Valentine's day... Haha.

Even though we call it that, we enjoy Valentine's Day. Mark has been a romantic since he was born I believe haha and loves writing me love notes, buying me flowers, etc. And I in turn, love doing little, cheesy things for him as well. What can I say, we love Love!

Currently: Saturday morning

Mark waking Ava up with her balloon! She loves it so much - funny to watch her squeal in excitement over it..

Goof nugget...

Today we are off to run earrands and then to a dinner picnic on the beach with family and friends.

Hope you all have a great Saturday! 



  1. Her face with that balloon is so cute! Sounds like a wonderful evening, especially the drinks outside with music. Perfection! Have a great weekend :)

    1. Thanks, Michelle! She was having a blast with it :) Hope you and your hubby had a nice Valentine's.

  2. Gucci! Lucky girl!!!! Ava has such a cute smile! Love the pics of her with the balloon! :)

    1. haha tell me about it. She got a Gucci purse for her 1st birthday..a REAL one! I was like "WHAT?!!? I don't even own a Gucci purse!" (

      And thank you, I love those balloon pictures! I just kept snapping away this morning. :) Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  3. How cute is she with the balloon!! It's amazing how much entertainment a balloon can bring!

  4. I know, Lindsay! :) So true! So happy I have discovered the joy that a .99 cent balloon can bring!!!


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