Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mommy & Me Wednesday

This morning, Ava and I had Mommy&Me class. 
Today's "activity" was actually a photo by the kissing booth. 
So cute and less clean up! Haha 

She wasn't that into it as you can tell by her facial expression haha. She wanted to go play with her friends since we had just arrived a second before that. 

We even matched today on accident :) What can I say... I like navy & stripes on anything ! 

Don't let the big bow fool you...Ava usually ends up in the ball pit throwing footballs. Daddy would be proud. 

She loves the twins 

Play dough !? What's that?! 
I'll admit, I haven't done this with her because I'm afraid I'll look the other way and she'll eat it... 
I'll find a natural-non toxic play dough recipe to make some for her at home. She was actually more excited about te rolling pin and held on to it for a majority of the class.  That's more than I've ever used a rolling pin...ha 

Happy Hump Day! 


  1. Love the "kissing booth" for a photo prop! So cute!!

    1. I was so excited about it and Ava...not so much haha

      Hopefully I can get some smiles out of her next time around :)


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