Friday, January 17, 2014

Snapshots of Today {Thursday 1/16/14}

These are actually yesterday's events... {a late post}

On Thursdays, Ava and I usually drive down to Miami for the day to visit my grandparents. My grandma wasn't feeling too well because she was having tremendous back pain. 
Since our plans had been postponed, Ava and I decided to go to Barnes & Noble.  I wanted to find my grandfather a book in Spanish and I also needed to pick up a new calendar for myself to keep Ava's busy schedule in order ;) 
Before we did our shopping, I took Ava up to the kid's area. 

Ava had fun playing with the train set that was in there.
I'm starting to think I need to get something like this table...

Then she spotted the colorful, stuffed animals! 
My favorite moments are when Ava finds a toy (or anything really) that she likes. She SQUEALS in excitement! Thank goodness this wasn't a library. 
Pure joy 
Meeting a friend. I think Ava was more excited to meet him than he was of her. 
She loves books. At home, I'll find her on the floor flipping through pages as if she's reading. Her favorite books are the ones with the buttons on the side of the book that make sounds for the story. 
She makes the "wow face" when she hits the buttons and then flips the page.  
Found Minnie Mouse on her own.  Ava is a fan apparently.

I found exactly what I needed! A"Do It All Mom" magnetic calendar (and it comes with a ton of stickers for events! Eeeee!) Oh, the things that excite me as a mom...
:) Did I mention planners and calendars are 50% off at Barnes & Noble?! 

Well, that's what we did on our chilly Thursday.  

Today, we are visiting Ava's "Nana" (Mark's mom). Tomorrow is her birthday! :) 

And then if my grandma is feeling better, we will drive straight to Miami after that... 

Hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a great weekend. 


{Ava is wearing Janie&Jack }


  1. Oh my heavens... these pictures are PRECIOUS! Mia loves the kid section of Barnes and Noble as well, I totally need to take her more often!

    1. Thank you! Yes, we had a great time in the kid section. We need to go back soon :)

  2. She is so adorable! My kids adore Barne's & Noble! It is the best place to shop with kiddos because they're so amused by educating things!

    1. I agree! And you have a close by Starbucks to get some hot tea or coffee/ or just a place to sit with kids if they want to eat... Plus, I don't feel too bad if my daughter is making noises/ laughing/ etc. since it isn't a library.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ava is too cute, and such a happy girl!!


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