Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Healthy Habit: Daily Green Smoothies {+Resolution Update}

Happy Hump Day!

Today has been a fun morning. Ava and I played, danced, and sang at mommy&me class. We also made this...

Our little pot of gold :) She is so talented.

After mommy&me class this morning, we came home and I started preparing daily green smoothie. 

One of my friends requested that I do a green juice/smoothie post: here ya go! :)

Today I used: 

Big handful of Kale, 1/2 apple, juice from 1/2 a lemon, thumb sized of peeled ginger root, some water = blend. 

(By the way, I do not use a traditional blender or juicer. I use a simple, hand blender. Clean up is easier and faster for me this way. 
The one I have is similar to this one below in the link provided, but about mine is about 3 years older since I got it around our wedding.)

If you like info graphics, here is one to help guide you at the grocery store:


And sometimes if I am running low on fresh fruits/veggies, I pull out my supply of organic, frozen fruits...
I buy them at Whole Foods and they are easy and inexpensive to always have on hand.

My publix (Palm Aire location) recently started carrying these bags of Kale. I love it because it is all Kale (not a kale mix) and it's huge! I think I only paid like $2.50 for it too! That is my green base for the whole week! 

I usually mix up my greens from kale to baby spinach to rainbow chard to celery... I don't distcriminate. Plus, it's great to switch it up for your body so that you get the different benefits of each kind. 
Also, remember to peel your ginger root (if you want to use a powerhouse, health ingredient!)

You can't really mess it up...have fun with it. 
 If it tastes a little too green for your liking, add a banana or some berries to sweeten it up. 

Either way, you will get a ton of nutrients that your body isn't getting in processed foods, fast food, etc. 

Eat your whole, nutrient dense foods- and/or drink them! 
{And I'll be honest...I have my moments where I eat something that I know is not good for me, but I also know that I have given my body really great nutrition with my daily smoothie.  
 Imagine those who eat processed junk all day and don't eat or drink anything raw and nutrient-dense. You wonder how their body is even functioning. Chances are those people are tired, sick, and grumpy more often. 

Keep those raw greens and other fruits and veggies in your daily diet - trust me, you'll notice a difference and your immune system, skin, hair, nails, digestion, mood, (and baby - if you're expecting!) will thank you. 
 (I say "raw" because raw = more health benefits. When you cook your veggies, for example, you are killing some of the nutrition with the high heat.)

Any veggie is better than none, but if you can get some raw ones in each day - the better

*Prevention is key. Kill disease and illness from your body before it starts forming or before it can progress. Let food be thy medicine.*

If you love chips and you haven't tried these yet...
Do it. You'll love them. 
Mark and I keep these on hand at all times for something crunchy. 
The green bag is also great. I think it's a jalapeño flavor. Publix does a great job of keeping them on sale often. 

I am doing well with my new year's resolution of keeping clutter free of "heavy things and people" in my life. The cleaning out of our closets, junk drawers, night stand tables, storage, etc. have been ongoing. I did this all the time in college when I felt stressed or overwhelmed with something. I was always throwing something out.

Now, I call the Vietnam Veterans of America and they come and pick up our donated items on the day we choose. So easy!!! Pus, I feel better that it is going to them rather than Goodwill which I am not a fan of. 
I also find myself saving my free time for family and close friends rather than keeping in touch with acquaintances all the time. Plus, I notice I am happier when my circle is smaller. Becoming a mother has definitely taught me to use my time and energy wisely and on those who love and appreciate me the most. 

How are you doing on your resolutions ? 



  1. What a great smoothie mix! I'm excited to try! Thank you!

    1. I love ginger root in my smoothies! It's a health powerhouse! Have you tried before ? It's gives the same effect as a lemon - you only need a little piece (like a third of your finger


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