Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Family Pictures Are Here!!! + daily GREEN smoothie

I cannot stop looking at these pictures! I love them!
 Not only did they come out great but I am reminded over and over again just how blessed I am. 
Hope you like them as much as I do! 

(For family members that would like to print any of these, I can email you the website where you can save them to your computer for free. Just let me know! XO) 

Thank you, Erica from So You by Erica Sue
You did a great job!

And last but not least... Today's green smoothie! 
Get your raw greens in today, friends! 

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  1. Beautiful!!!!
    That baby exudes cuteness!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, my fellow south Florida blogger friend! :) haha

  3. Super cute family pictures! I would love to get my fa outside for pictures but its so hard to get my babes to smile at once, let alone worry about them running off ;)

    1. Haha Ava was pretty crazy throughout this photog session. She wanted to get down and crawl and I couldn't let her because she would put holes in her tights. It was interesting lets just say that! ;)

  4. Great pictures! I love your daughters blue eyes! They are so bright. I love the one where you and your husband are kissing and she seems so fascinated. I want my kids growing up seeing me and hubby kiss, no hiding there :) To blend your drinks, all you use is a handheld blender?! I think I might have to get one. I was thinking of a blendtec or vitamix, but one of those will have to come expensive!!

  5. Mucho kisses, love you


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