Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mark as a Father...

Mark as a father has been so amazing to watch over the last 14 months+.
I say + because he became a father the moment I told him that we were expecting a baby. He wanted to be at the appointments, know how big she was measuring, wanted to have his hand on my stomach to feel her kick at all times...
Not once did he say "I hope we have a son" like some men often do. He was just happy that he was even going to be a dad and more concerned with being a good one. 

He has embraced the fatherhood role unlike anything I have ever experienced or known personally. 

I uploaded a photo last night of Mark giving Ava her bottle before bed. He had just walked in at 8:30PM after a long day, put his things down on the table, walked straight into her room, gave me a kiss, and took over...

It made me start thinking about how involved he has been since day 1. Involved in the way that he just does things with Ava on his own- without me asking him to. I think that has been the most gratifying, rewarding, (and super sexy -might I add! )- thing to watch as his wife. 

There is nothing like watching a father be present in his child's life. 

Now don't get me wrong, a single mother can take care and love a child just right on her own. My mother did it for me for a long time and still does :) 

What I am pointing out in our situation is that I am so grateful to have chosen a man to share my life with that has a "family man" and "God-loving" way about him. 
I couldn't imagine being a parent with someone unlike Mark. The support he gives me and love he gives Ava is appreciated so much.
 He works so hard for his family and, Mark,  if you're reading this... it does not go unnoticed for one second! 

Ava's eyes light up whenever she sees her father and it makes me melt into a puddle of goo every time she does. She gets even more playful, goofier, and happier when he is there. 

Cried when she was born 

Wouldn't stop holding her 

^ (Confession: I was a hormonal mess right after I had Ava and was nervous about putting her into her "going home outfit" because she was so tiny and fragile. Mark actually was the one who dressed her in her new outfit and got her ready to go home. Just thought Ava would like to know that one day.) 

Feeds her, changes her, snuggles her equally as much as I do when he is home

Wants to be the one holding her in pictures 

Loves taking her outside 

Rocks her 

Rubs noses with her 

Buys her separate bouquets of flowers 

Even plays with her while furniture shopping to keep her entertained 

Was so proud to have her baptized Lutheran like him and on Father's Day. 

Gives the best morning cuddles on the weekend 

Takes crazy amounts of pictures of her like I do.

Goes shopping by himself the morning of a FSU game so that Ava is wearing an appropriate outfit to watch the game with him. 

Gets her out of her crib at night to play with her 

Makes her day even if he is busy 

Only lounges out with daddy 

She is in awe of him and he of her 

Puts her toys together bright and early so she can play with them 

Always has time for the "superwoman game" 

The kisses don't stop 

He wants to be the one that pushes the stroller... All. the. time. (Not fair!) 

The giggles don't stop. 
He reads to her 

And cuddles her when she was under the weather. 

So thank you, my love. I'm over here looking at these pictures today and thanking God for men like you and for parents who are raising their boys to be good fathers and husbands one day. 

I love you, Mark McGuire. 



  1. I was also raised by a single mother and I think this really makes us appreciate the great men in our lives. Especially in your case while you can see him interact with Ava. Reading this was so heartwarming and even though we don’t have a bundle-of-joy yet, I still feel like I can relate to how I will feel about John with our children. Xoxox Great post!

    1. Thank you, Becca! You and John are going to be incredible parents!

  2. Christina, I read every post you make but im commenting now to tell you I cried, this was beautiful. Ava is a lucky buggy !!! Xoxoxo

  3. What a sweet post! Your husband sounds just like mine a very involved papa. So blessed!


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