Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Lately: catching up!

Ah! Where have I been lately?! My little blog has been a neglected for a while. Oops.
I have been chasing Ava around while studying for my holistic health coaching certification in my free time. All fun stuff, just keeping me super busy!
Here are some of the things that I have failed to keep my family and friends posted on:

1. I made these! Super easy, healthy, and delicious!!!!

2. My pineapple was FINALLY ready to eat! Seriously....BEST pineapple I have EVER had! So so sweet. Mark agreed :)

This was the pineapple's #tbt baby picture.  Cute huh?  (From my Instagram) 

Mall days look a little different for me now. 
I recently had to venture out to Coral Springs Mall because they have a Stride Rite shoe store and that's where I buy Ava's shoes. This little car was the best thing that happened to me as a mom shopper. Not a peep out of this happy little girl. 

4. Found this:
I'll be trying this as many of you know that I am all things pumpkin obsessed. It's almost Fall and college football season !!!!! Woohooooo! 

My closet (and Mark's)
Ava has started to hide when she is going "number two". Cracks me up....This is her in the hamper: a popular choice). There is a picture of her behind my mother in law's window shades but it won't let me upload it. That one really cracks me up because she is playing on a toy "iPad" in the process. 

6. Ava is loving this Thomas the train set that her uncles Tommy & Luke passed down to her to play with. This is now at our house and entertains her for hours!  

7. Ava still enjoys "reading" and being read to. I love that. 

8. Our "banana pancakes" are still a favorite of Ava's which is great for me because I love them too and they are super easy to make. I make them different every time but here are the usual main ingredients: 
Just blend and pour.
I use GreenPan cookware for a safe and non toxic brand. They sell them at Target now as well which is great news! 

9. (Photo from my Instagram) A typical breakfast smoothie that I make. Again, they're always different but this is a nice one for mornings since it has the oats and banana taste. (You can use almond milk in place of coconut milk too) 

10.  This little tot is keeping me on my toes! She will be 2 on Nov 2nd ( her golden birthday! ) I can't believe it...

And just for the fun of it: 
Almost time for college football!!!!!!!!!

Go Noles ! 

Oh, and before I forget...There is a new company called Luc&Lou that I came across by my friend, Kelly! It is such a special company with an amazing concept! Two neonatal NICU nurses started this company and basically it is a buy one, GIVE one kind - of -purchase. As you buy a sweet little onesie for your baby or as a great gift for someone else's baby,  you will also be donating one to a baby in need. So sweet, right?! I love products that have this model! Two smiles for the price of one. Love it! Thank you, Kelly, for sharing this awesome company with me. 
***Mama bloggers, please pass on their information as they are a new company and looking to spread the word on their very generous and special mission for our sweet babies. 

(I suppose this wasn't the best "catching up on life lately" kind of post. I didn't really add the "adult events" that I've had recently like: two concerts, some date nights, my best friend, Ali, came to visit, etc... I swear I do things other than take pictures of my daughter go #2...but not too often because mama life is basically the above right now ha! 
 I'll try and capture some more next time around.) 

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  1. Love the catch up! The "cookies" looks great, I need to make them to keep me from eating something else sweet! Your little lady is growing fast :)


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