Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello, October! {35 Week Update}

I cannot believe it is already October! Time is passing by so quickly this year... 

{This is just a "checking in" type post}


Mark and I decided that the last game I would travel to Tallahassee for was the FSU v Clemson game. Although it was a great weekend - it literally took all of my energy and immunity away! Shortly after we got back, I got the worst cold you can imagine. I am just know getting over that one. So below is a picture of last week's game (FSU v USF) that we watched from the comfort of our bed with Cooper. I was still not feeling well and was actually loving the time at home for game watching. 

[Cooper is wearing his FSU outfit that my friend, Michelle, bought him last year...... and Mark is wearing his sweaty, dirty visor. in bed. in doors.... superstitious much?!!? Whatever, crazy Mark. ;) That is how we watched the game. As for this Saturday, we will most likely be at one of the Broward Noles game watching locations. 

The following day, Mark went golfing while I spent the afternoon with my mom. We ate lunch at Coconuts on Ft. Lauderdale Beach and then went to get our manis and pedis. When I got home, Mark was already home setting up the nursery. He was doing the things that I could not tackle. So up went her shelves, her cornice above the crib, the assembly of her stroller, and then the assembly of the snugabunny cradle n' swing! [pictured below]  Once it was assembled, Mark plugged it in to see how it worked. It has all these options for different nature sounds, music, lights, etc. 

We looked at each other and started laughing. It was kind of one of those moments where you realize that "wow, a baby is coming soon!" It was pretty funny for us. Guess you had to be there...or pregnant to understand - ha. 

What a good dad :)

Later that week, we finished up our birthing classes at Holy Cross Hospital. The RN, Patty, who ran it was awesome. We enjoyed the classes [especially the cookies they served!] and learned some interesting things. 
My mom was also coming over pretty much every day this week and helping me with Ava's laundry. For any of you reading this that plan on having children one day - I learned that even brand new clothes, blankets, sheets, etc.  have to be washed with a special laundry detergent before it touches baby. So that's what we did... after loads of laundry, folding, and organizing by age - we finished! 

Cooper was very curious and kept trying to sit in my lap as I folded her clothes. Poor guy has no clue what is about to happen to the undivided attention that I give to him. I am learning how to prepare a pup for a new addition to a family and will be doing by best to make sure that Cooper is still getting lots of attention once Ava arrives. 

Then on Wednesday, I officially was 35 weeks along! This was a quick picture I took as I was getting ready to go on a company event with Mark. 
He and the top producers of the Miami/West Palm branches were invited on a boat day instead of working. So on Wednesday, I spent all day in the gorgeous weather and even went in the water with everyone with the help of some floats :) This was the same boat that Mark took me on for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary so we were happy to see Captain Kent and the crew again.  Below are some photos (I put my phone away after these so it wouldn't fall in the water - so no photos of all of us in the water. boo.)

Billy, Lauren, Me, and Mark

Mark & Mark More 

* These are just two pictures that I had to share. My friend from FSU, Mallory, recently had a little boy- Clark! I hope she doesn't mind that I am sharing these on my blog, but I am OBSESSED with these two shots. 

 This one below is my absolute FAVORITE!!! I love the idea of newborn pictures, but love when the parents are shown in the photos and how they are feeling as new parents. This photographer captured Mallory's pure joy. I love it. 

And as far as currently...
Today has been pretty low key for me. Doing laundry, ordering the new dining room table, went to the gym, and made Ava an organic [strawberry, spinach, banana, milk, 
& oj ] smoothie :) 

Tonight we will be going to my friend's new place in Aventura for her birthday & housewarming celebrations :) Hope every one has a great weekend! 


The five week countdown begins.... 

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