Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Pregnancy: Things I Will Miss, Welcome Back, and Experience

Like I've said before....

I write this blog for our friends and family to keep up with how Mark and I are doing [especially because so many of Mark's  family members live out of the state.] ---but I also {maybe even more so} write it for us as a family scrapbook type thing. Memories, specials events, and experiences are so much easier to record and share online than physically making a scrapbook and sending it around. 

With that said, I wanted to jot down the little things that I have enjoyed about being pregnant! The time is dwindling down as I am now 36 weeks... sniff. As excited and thrilled as I am about meeting our daughter, I know that there will be things I miss about having her so close to me all the time.  So here they are: 

*Watching my belly grow! - I never thought that gaining weight could be SO MUCH FUN haha. Watching my body grow has been awesome for me. I honestly do not enjoy shopping for clothes. ever. But for some reason when I started developing my baby belly, I loved shopping around to find clothes that would frame my bump just right :)  I am not one of those pregnant women that try and hide the fact that they are pregnant. I LoVeD having a baby bump (now baby belly.)
I hope that my friends embrace their bodies' changes when it comes time for them to take on this chapter of their lives. All pregnant women are beautiful. 

*Feeling her move! - I wrote a post about it found here: {click} I Felt Her Move!
It is pretty awesome feeling the first baby movements to feeling what I am able to feel now. These days I am so used to feeling her stick her feet out {and leave them there} and seeing a lump sticking out of my right side that it has now become normal. I still watch and show Mark when she is constantly kicking and we sit there and laugh. I know this is a bit like the movie "Alien" for some that haven't experienced pregnancy, but trust me, it is incredible to be able to feel your child awake inside of you. Last Saturday, I was watching the FSU v NC State game (I am not even going to post about that pathetic game) and as I sat there - leaning hunched over with pure anxiety - our friend Patrick noticed and asked me about how come I kept leaning forward and then moving and reclining back to stretch out. I told him that my poor posture apparently was bothering Ava and her amount of room because she kept reminding me to sit up and give her more space. He thought it was pretty funny. 

*Strangers and their politeness - Girls, you get to look forward to complete strangers being so nice, generous, and men actually acting like gentlemen - all the time! It is wonderful. Pregnant women bring out the best in many apparently. I will definitely miss this one. 

*Mark spoiling me [more than he already did which I didn't think was possible] - I consider myself very lucky to have married someone who has spoiled me from the day I met him. He has always been a gentleman and this will never change. What was fun and will be missed is watching him spoil me in a different way ----kissing my belly, calling out of the blue and asking "What is Ava doing?,"  holding my hand extra tight and guiding me through crowds  like I am the US President and he is the secret service, to just laughing as he leaves his hand on my belly to feel her kick as we fall asleep. 

*The doctor's appointments - Yes, I know this sounds a bit crazy, but I loved going to the...I don't know... 20 appointments or so? this year. 

((For those of you wondering why there are so many appointments, it is because you go as soon as you suspect being pregnant, then again to find the heartbeat if it was too early the first time, an anatomy scan to get the measurements of the growing fetus, a slew of tests and blood drawn, monthly check-ups, bi-monthly check-ups later on, and finally, weekly check ups at 35/36 weeks...until DELIVERY TIME.))

 The beginning was the best. The first sight of the heartbeat with Mark, hearing the heartbeat, 
finding out the gender with my friends 
 -post found here: {Baby McGuire is a.... }, seeing her begin to look like a baby, and then being able to ask questions about the changes you experience from a source other then Google. FYI: never google when you are pregnant. You will be a nervous wreck if you do. 


*The bonding time with my mother and mother in law - This won't end actually... It will just change to bonding with Ava instead of bonding to prepare for her :) So this one will just get better. 

That's it, folks!  Ava is about 4 (or less) weeks away. Absolutely crazy. I feel like it was just February 29th when I discovered that there was a little McGuire on board. 

Things I will be happy to welcome back into my life once pregnancy is over: 
red wine & mimosas 
bagels with nova  
the Jacuzzi
not automatically being the DD anymore... 
not having to pee 5 times in the middle of the night {sorry, TMI?}

Things I am excited to experience once Ava is here: 

Hearing her 1st cry

Watching her eat, sleep, make faces, burp, laugh, roll over, pout, crawl, everything...

Jogging with her in my new snazzy red jogging stroller to get my body back in shape {or whatever it was before}

Hanging out in bed with Mark, Ava, & Cooper

Introducing her to my family and our closest friends 

Baptizing her

Dressing her up multiple times a day and taking a zillion obnoxious photos of her :-) 

Taking her to the beach 

I suppose this list can go on forever so I'll end it here. You get the point...

4 (or less) more weeks!


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  1. Love that you included baptism:) you are going to be a great mommy and believe it or not,even though I can not WAIT to meet her, I am more excited for you to experience motherhood and watching you take on that role as your friend. I am so proud of you and you are going to be amazing!!!!


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