Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gifts & My Baby Shower Photos [9.8.12]

Today I had lunch with my friend, Rachael, at Big City Tavern on Las Olas to catch up since she has been away all summer and could not attend my baby shower. She brought along gifts for Ava as well. 

Rach's gifts to Ava: Pretty much the most gorgeous bib I have ever seen ( I already don't her getting this messy with food! haha), two headbands that are gorgeous (My favorite is on the right -adorned with tiny feathers and stones, and a very cute piggy bank accessorized with her own bows :) 

 :) Very sweet of Rach, and I loved our time catching up today. We didn't take a picture today but here is a picture of us from a concert a while back...

After lunch I saw that my mother in law called and left a voice mail.  Since I was around the corner from her house, I headed over and picked up some gifts that had been delivered there for me and Ava. 
My mother in law's friend, Vickie, was taking photos at my baby shower with her super fancy camera and made me an album and CD of all the photos that she took. 

I also picked up a package that was sent for Ava from Rakhi. Rakhi is engaged to Mark's boss, Mark More. She is currently living in Chicago while in Medical school and could not make it to my baby shower. She sent Ava the most beautiful pink, lace romper with a matching hand band! 
 I. LOVE. IT.  

Below are the photos that Vickie took at my baby shower. Enjoy :o) 

 I am 38 weeks along {tomorrow!} 
that leaves....
LEFT until my Due Date!!!!!!!!

(Realistically, she could decide to come any day now...crazy!) 


  1. Jackson came at 39 weeks so anytime!!! Can't wait!:) forgot to add when we were texting the other day, make sure you have an assigned person to take pics in delivery room. I only have a few and wish I had more!!

  2. Awesome baby shower. Your dress is simply awesome. Really liked it. I along with my friends have to arrange my niece’s baby shower at venues in San Francisco. Will have some ideas from your post too. Thanks for sharing this post.


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