Friday, October 19, 2012

Our [Surprise] Blue Moon Baby Shower

Last night was definitely a favorite night of ours...

About a week ago, Mark's boss and friend, Mark More,  asked us if we would like to go to Blue Moon with him and his fiance on Thurday the 19th. We happily agreed. I was excited to see his finace, Rakhi, and thank her in person for the adorable outfit that she recently bought for Ava. (She is currently in medical school in Chicago so we don't get to see her that often.) 

So Mark and I headed over last night thinking we were meeting Mark and Rakhi for dinner. As we walked in, they showed us to our table and said our guests were already waiting for us... hmm. 

SURPRISE!!!!!! About 20 of Mark's co- workers yelled and started clapping as we discovered that it was not a double date but, in fact, a surprise baby shower for us! 

Here are some photos below of the very funny and thoughtful night :-) 

Center: Boss man, Mark More, happy that we were surprised :) 

This cake was DELICIOUS.

A diaper cake!

The Kirkwoods, Billy, and Jason :) 

Saying Thank You to Mr. & Mrs. Kirkwood. 

The guys played this game with alcoholic baby bottles... this was funny...

Mark was loving opening Ava's gifts. Since I did all of the opening at my baby shower not long ago, I let him open them up :) He is always shocked at how small the clothes are - ha. 

Feeling super lucky to have friends and co workers like ours. 

The hosts and masterminds behind this evening, Ashly and Kristina. Thank you, ladies! It was beyond thoughtful and we are soooo grateful for all of the work you put into it. 

Everything was so pretty in pink! The table had little pacifiers, diaper clips, tinsel, bottles, balloons, the diaper cake, etc.  The details and effort put into it all was beautiful. - My pictures do not do it justice... 

With the lovely hosts

I think more than anything, it was so special for Mark and I to have this surprise baby shower thrown for us specifically at Blue Moon... 
Since Mark started working on the yachts with Charter One, he was introduced to the one of the owners of Blue Moon Fish Co. and started taking care of his personal boat. After many charters that were catered by Blue Moon, family parties, and fishing trips with Bryce the owner, Blue Moon has become like a second home to Mark. 

...And after many date nights there we have gotten to know the staff well. Since it obviously became our favorite restaurant through out the years, Mark proposed to me there.... 

...We had our wedding rehearsal dinner there...

Mark and his groomsmen

Me and my bridesmaids

...And now we have had a baby shower thrown there for us and our 1st child. The Cbeyond co workers may not realize all of this, but I hope they know how meaningful this night really was for Mark and I. We could not stop talking about it on the ride home.  

Mark and I are so happy that we have had so much support and love from our friends, family, & Mark's coworkers! We cannot thank you all enough for making us feel very special in welcoming our daughter in about 18 days.

Thanks again to Blue Moon Fish Co. and the amazing staff 
we love you! 

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