Monday, September 3, 2012

1st Game of the Season: FSU v Murray State

On Saturday, Mark and I drove up to Tallahassee at about 7AM. We had planned on driving up to Jacksonville on Friday night when he got home from work, but since it was 'the last day of the month' he left the office really late waiting on a contract to come in...

We got into Tallahassee around 2:00 and started tailgating. Saturday was extremely hot and being that it was a six o'clock game I was honestly fearing having to go into the stadium with the sun still being up.

 Since Mark and I were getting in late, Jared and Jacki brought all the food to the tailgate so that we could go straight there. They made me my own special cooler. I was cheered on while I chugged these babies... ;)

Jared, Phil, Mark, and Matt setting up...

Kappa Sigma bromance

 Love having Kendall, Erika, and Jacki with me every game day :) 

Overall, this was an extremely easy team to beat as the 1st game of the season usually is. FSU beat Murray State 69-3. Next week we will be playing another 'cupcake' game against Savannah State. We have to play another easy game [not by choice] but because West Virginia pulled out in the Spring leaving FSU to have to fill that spot with another available team. We will not be in Tallahassee for that game, nor will all of our friends. My mother and mother in law are hosting a baby shower for me and Mark is having a "Dudes & Diapers" Party thrown for him at a different location on that day before the game begins. 

I am so excited! After the baby shower festivities, we will all meet up to watch the FSU v Savannah State game at 6PM. 

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

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