Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2 years Ago...Our Wedding Weekend

I cannot believe that it is already Labor Day weekend! 2 years ago this weekend, Mark and I were getting married on the Floridian Princess! 

Labor Day weekend happened one week later 2 years ago...This is a little recap of our wedding weekend. 

On September 3rd, 2010

Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner at Blue Moon Fish Co. 
It is no secret that Mark and I love Blue Moon very much... Mark and one of the restaurant owners, Bryce, are buddies and Mark actually used to take care of Bryce's boat for while since Bryce lives out west and Mark had much faster access to the boat living out east. Bryce has always been great to us, and therefore, Blue Moon is like a 2nd home to us. 

Rewind to Dec. 26th 2009, Mark and I were living in Chicago together and had come down to Ft. Lauderdale for Christmas. The night after Christmas, Mark asked me if I wanted to go to "the moon" for some fresh seafood before we had to go back to Chicago. I never turn down down a Blue Moon dinner, so off we went.  That was the night Mark, with the help of the chefs and staff, proposed to me! 

Fast forward about 8 months...and our rehearsal dinner was on 9.3.10. Mark wanted a 3 day weekend for our wedding so Labor Day it was!

A Blue Moon Rehearsal Dinner with amazing food and an open bar (which my abuelo did not allow me to go near - I thanked him later)

My beautiful bridesmaids: Megan Nolan, Michelle Jones, Kelly McManus, Sarah Portuondo, Sarah Waldrup, and my Maid of Honor- Ali Venezia Baker

Then on Saturday, September 4th 2010 it was the Vega/McGuire Wedding Day!!!

Me and my Daddy about to walk down the aisle!

Our 1st dance (well, we actually had two back to back) 
 Mark dedicated these songs to me when we were much younger and from then on they were always "our songs."

The first was I Do by Mark Wills and the second was Amazed by Lonestar. 
 We loved this part...

Our beautiful nautical style cake make from 2 strawberry shortcake tiers and a key lime-raspberry tier. We wanted to keep a light, tropical feel for our cake. 

This was the end of the night when we made our 'Thank You' speeches to our families for making this weekend happen and our friends for being the greatest. Mark wrapped his up with thanking me and saying that he couldn't wait until I was the mother of our children one day. I lost it...started crying of course because I didn't expect him to say that. But by far a great moment to look back on now. 

Then fast forward to a year and a half later, Mark suggested that we start trying to have a baby. 
February was a lucky month apparently because we got pregnant right away!

Now here we are 2 years later, very happy and awaiting our little Ava Loren McGuire to be born!

I am blessed beyond belief to call Mark my husband, and to now be able to say that I will be the mother to our child!

I hope that everyone has a fun, safe, and long Labor Day weekend! Mark and I are getting on the road as soon as he gets home tonight from work. First stop, Jacksonville to stay the night with Jared & Jacki Roche. Then we are all off to Tallahassee in the morning for the season's 1st GAME DAY!!!!  


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