Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Mark Gets To Look Forward To...

The Father-Daughter Bond

The other night Mark and I were talking about how he is going to be Ava's hero and how little girls look up to their fathers. Mark and I didn't grow up with our biological fathers living with us, but we do have a great relationship with them now. We both understand what a huge impact a father's role has on a child...and especially on little girls. 

I found these CUTE videos of little girls and their dads to show Mark when he got home from work and thought I'd share with you all. 

This could be what Mark & Ava watching the Seminoles in the future may look like this if Ron Cherry is the referee...

Cute baby girl twins see their dad get home from work...

This one (TOO FUNNY) is another set of twins hearing their dad's guitar. Maybe Ava will like Mark playing his drums...

And this little girl and her father have tons of videos watching them and their bond. 

Or...Ava could pull one of these.... 

ha ha

Mark is so excited to meet his little girl just as much as I am. Each morning when he kisses me goodbye he lifts up the covers and kisses my belly to give Ava a kiss too.  He is already a great dad :-)

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