Tuesday, August 14, 2012

D-I-Y Decor for Ava's Nursery

Hello! Yesterday & today were DO IT YOURSELF DECOR DAYS for me! Last Fall,  I was in some thrift store in Wilton Manors (a favorite pass time of mine) and came across this gorgeous set of old wooden frames. I loved the way they were carved and figured that one day I would have a nursery to put them into... well, TA-DAA...we are now expecting and getting her nursery ready! Time for my last!  

(Side note: I had sprayed them a gold paint when I first purchased them because I wanted to enjoy them before we decided to have a baby, but they came out the wrong color gold and I ended up holding off until now.)

Also, recently I was in Michael's craft store with my two little brothers in law. We were buying clay for a project that they wanted to do when I came across some plain wooden letters and ceramic birds. I picked those up thinking I could paint them and add those to the nursery as well. 
So here are they are: 


Birds (2nd shelf) and letters (3rd shelf)

with some Indoor/Outdoor spray paint...

and some pretty fabric I found....


Ready to hang on the walls!

The "V" is actually a purple and the "A's" are blue - the lighting makes them look different

This was a plain white frame that I had in my room in college. With a little paint, it is now fit for Ava's nursery :)

On Monday, I was at my mother in law's house and she gave me this precious little ceramic heart shaped box that she made at Joe Picasso's for Ava! She made it pink and green so that it would match her nursery. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIFT!!!! So personal and so special. Thanks, Debbie! <3

Well that's it for now, but I have a feeling I will be coming up with some more things to make our little girl. 

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