Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Shower+ Dudes&Diapers+ FSU+ Birthing Class

This past weekend was my baby shower! My mother and mother in law organized the best day ever. I was so excited for this day because it was basically all of my favorite women in one place! We had about 50 women attending. I was missing a few key people but I knew they were thinking of me :) Here are some of the photos that I had... I'll probably be posting more once I get all of the pictures in. One of my mother in law's friends - Vikki- was taking a BUNCH of amazing pictures with her very large camera :) 
So, when I get my hands on those, I will post those.

Before the shower started....My mother in law- Debbie- & my mom -Maria. 

Mark was there until it was time to begin. He later went to his own celebration with his friends. 

Can you tell that we are very proud parents already?!   ;-)

My grandmother, Velma, & mom - technically there are 4 generations in this photo  (counting Ava :)
me & the Jacksonville girls! (Left) Heather, Erika, Myself, Emily, MaryAnn, Jacki

My grad school friends. (Left) Danielle, myself, Jessica, & Lindsay

Opening the gifts....there were so many beautiful gifts that we actually had to take a break! I have very generous friends and family!

Mark's "Dudes & Diapers Party"

While I was at the baby shower, Mark's friends Michael Boden and Jared Roche helped host a little Dudes & Diapers Party for Mark. Basically, about 10 of his friends came together to celebrate Ava and spent time with Mark for his own little shower. They planned on a beach day but ended up eating lunch at Brickhouse Tavern & Tap 

followed by watching football over some cigars and drinks at the Florida Cigar Company. Thanks, guys - Mark said he had a great time!

That evening, we all met up at Mug's Sports Bar and Grill to watch the FSU v Savannah State game. Being closer to where our 'out of town friends' were staying, it made more sense for us to watch the game there with them. The game ended because of weather delays....and FSU was winning 55-0 by the beginning of the 3rd quarter. So basically, had this game continued, it would have just gotten more embarrassing for  Savannah State. Quite frankly, I enjoy a more competitive game and can't wait for this season's upcoming games. Here are some pictures from Mugs...

Mark and Michael Boden - Mark's "little brother" in Kappa Sigma. Thanks for all of your help, Mike :)

I love that Mark's buddies are just as excited about our daughter's arrival.... We are thankful to have such supportive friends :)

Left- Josh, Ryan, Mark, Phil, Jared 

Left - Erika (Jared's sister), Emily (Mike Hall's fiance), Kristin, me, Heather (Josh's fiance) , MaryAnn (Ryan's Wife), & Jacki (Jared's wife)

Since we didn't want to leave our friends just yet, we all decided to go to Bahia Cabana on Ft. Lauderdale beach. We stayed there for the remainder of the night watching football and talked about the next 2 weekends in Tallahassee for the Wake Forrest and Clemson games. 

I didn't take any photos but some of the girls did. I'll upload those later too. 
I probably should have waited until I got all the photos to do this post but o well. We will have a part II. 

Then on Sunday Mark and I slept in (we were EXHAUSTED from an eventful Saturday... 

Once we got moving, we headed back to his mother's house and loaded up our SUV along with his mother's SUV with all of Ava's gifts! I spent the rest of the day getting her gifts put away and setting up her crib with my father and brother who came over to deliver it. Well, I should actually note that my 19 year old brother put the crib together by himself in about 15 min. Love that boy. 

I will wait to post photos of the nursery once it is completed. That was you don't see it looking like the state that it is currently in...a beautiful...MESS. I am hoping to be finished with it by the end of the month. 

Then yesterday, Mark and I attended our first birthing class at Holy Cross Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale. We have 3 more to attend on Monday evenings this month. We met some couples all due within a couple days of us and learned about: signs of labor, calming techniques for Mark to help me with, Epidural info, etc. 

 [A funny part of the night was when the RN who was running the class told a story that she had experienced with another couple during the labor and delivery of their baby. She had mentioned beforehand that it is helpful to bring in some calming music that you like and maybe even a picture or something to focus on during labor. She then told us about this couple that brought in some calming music for the majority of the woman's labor. As it later became the exciting "time to push" portion, her husband quickly changed the calming music to their favorite university's marching band music. When the woman's husband did this, the women only pushed 3 times and delivered their baby!!!]

 Mark immediately looked over at me and started laughing because that is something that Mark would totally do if I let him. Sure enough, Mark mentions on the way home..."I think I am going to bring some of the Marching Chiefs music for you...Maybe some Seminole Uprising would be good."

HAHAHA wow....God help me. 
So here is a little clip for those of you not familiar with what Mark talking about.  Click on the video below to listen. 

This is FSU's marching band - The Marching Chiefs playing "Seminole Uprising" and what I may even be delivering Ava to...Mark is crazy, I know, but you have to love his enthusiasm. 

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  1. 1. I wish we could have been there, 2. I know I've said this before, but my god, you are the splitting image of your mother, 3. You have a brother?! Miss you and can't wait to see y'all this weekend!


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