Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mark's Plan for Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday started out like any other day. Mark and I really had not talked about how we were going to celebrate our anniversary so I did not really expect anything out of the ordinary like last year's... 
[The year before, we were in Tallahassee for a football game and I knew something was up because he mentioned that we HAD to be back in Fort Lauderdale by a certain time on Sunday but would not tell me why. We ended up having our first anniversary at a hotel on the beach layer of our wedding cake in tow to keep that tradition of eating it 1 year later! ]
Morning of our 1st anniversary! Toasting to it with mimosas. 
A great day lounging by the pool and beach for our 1st Anniversary!

Back to yesterday...Around noon Mark called to say hi and mentioned that he was getting off of work earlier that day and that I needed to be ready by the time he got home to go out. Okay, nice! We are going out to have dinner, I thought. 

I quickly realized what time it was and headed over to the Galleria Mall where I was planning on getting him a new Tommy Bahama shirt. I read that "cotton" was the traditional gift for a 2nd Anniversary gift, so I thought I'd be cute and keep with traditions for my conservative boy. 

Side note: I finally found my first "expecting" parking spot! I was looking for parking at the mall and thought I'd take my chances with the front spots hoping that someone would magically walk out as I was driving up - and BOOM! I found a whole row for expectant mothers. Figures, I would be 31 weeks pregnant until I finally found one of these spots anywhere... ha 

Later on around 5:00 Mark got home. He said, "You should eat something now for Ava because we were having dinner after where we were headed first..." 
Hmm...He made other plans!!! I was excited :) We left shortly after and noticed Mark was barely talking in the car ride over and kept looking at the time. 
 When I saw that we were pulling into the Bahia Mar Hotel, I jokingly asked, "Are we getting married again?" 

I said this because we boarded the Floridian Princess yacht that we got married on at Bahia Mar's docks and this is where we all stayed that night. 

Mark replied with, "Sort of..." 

After we parked by the docks, I realized he was leading me toward the boats! Yay.  And that is what he had planned... A sunset sail to have us back on the water again on 
September 4th!

9.4.10                        9.4.12
Same spot 2 years later

After this we headed to dinner and then home...but not before Mark made a pit stop for my "Half Baked" Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The man knows how to read my mind (or his daughter's already).  

Thank you, Mark. You always remember the small things that mean the most!
Love you. 

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  1. You two are adorable! Congrats on two wonderful years of marriage!


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