Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Letter to Mark on Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

[This is the letter that I wrote to Mark today in his 2nd wedding anniversary card... It includes memories from even when we were much younger - not just in the 2 years of  our marriage. I thought I'd share this since my feelings for him have never been a secret... ]

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Mark! I cannot believe 2 years has already flown by...

It seems like yesterday that we were speaking with Pastor Dan about our relationship as we were getting ready to get married. One memory in particular that I have is when he asked me to describe in three words how I felt you about you. The third one caught his attention. I said that I "admired" you. The pastor said he could not remember a bride speaking about how she admired her fiance or using that word. I remember then having to explain that I have always looked up to you, admired you, and considered you a role-model. From the day I met you, you have always been a gentlemen. I knew for a very long time that you were very different than most guys - or people for that matter... 
You wrote my mother a letter when you wanted to take me out on our first date because you knew she was uneasy about our age difference, you have never ever raised your voice at me or called me a mean word in times of disagreement or hurt, you have  always treated me like your number one priority, you have taught me what it means to look at the "bigger picture" when making decisions or getting upset at a situation, and last but certainly not the end of things you have done that I recognize- you make me proud to be Mrs. Christina McGuire each and every day. 

We always joke and talk about how growing up, I was such a "flake" and put you through God knows what. I was much more impulsive than you ever were, and was sometimes not there for you like you were always there for me. You have always been unwavering in your feelings, loyalty, and faithfulness. 

Thank you for teaching me how to be a better friend, girlfriend, and now - wife. 

Thank you for always staying by side my side even when I told you not to. 

Thank you for those times like when you took me to the park before you left for college and told me that no matter what happened, we would be together in the end. 

Thank you for always being a leader and never a follower with your friends - you could have listened to them but you decided that you & I were worth the wait. 

Thank you for never giving up on us and knowing we were going to grow old together one day.

Today is the celebration of 2 years of marriage- but to us it is so much more than that. Marriage is sacred to us, but at the end of the day, we have had this bond for much longer than 2 years. 

I am so grateful to call myself your wife. I can't wait until you get home from work so that we can celebrate!

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary & so much more, Mark. I love you. 

Our first dance

After my 8th grade graduation
 Mark came to watch my speech as Class President :)

Mark's first days working on the yachts

Saying goodbye to Mark as his mom and I helped move him into his FSU dorm. 

Having fun aboard the SummerWind
A night out in Chicago

My favorite dance partner

 Cbeyond's company trip to Jamaica - Congratulating him on another successful year at Cbeyond 

Our 1st wedding Anniversary 

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