Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mark's 30th Birthday Evening

Yesterday was my handsome husband's birthday... The big 30! 

Typical Mark didn't tell anyone all day that it was his birthday. He even went out to lunch with one of his good friends and didn't bother saying anything about it. I was the one behind the scenes texting his friends that he would see that day to let them know. (I love birthdays.) 
Mark likes them too but he is a humble guy and doesn't care for unnecessary attention. I get it... But I just wanted him to have a fun day considering it was a Tuesday and he was working. Mark is not one to ever take off work on his birthday (or really ever) nor plans anything fun for himself. This year I thought I'd plan something a bit more relaxing for him since he is always working hard and deserves some downtime. 

The morning before, I was awake earlier than usual and watched a Good Morning America segment on how you can virtually do anything from your smartphone these days. They were explaining new smartphone apps for great, local services and how they work. 

I would ditch the surprise dinner/ bar scene/ balloons and, instead, create a relaxing evening at home. I'd cook (well, most of it) one of his favorite homemade dinners and finish it off with a couple's massage in our own living room! 

I got the app I had just learned about since they mentioned it was offered in select cities (including South Florida!) and I reserved a 60 min Swedish massage for 
Mark and a 60 min Prenatal massage for myself.

The app is great. Every masseuse is  licensed and insured. The two ladies that came to our home worked locally: one at a resort in Boca Raton, FL and the other in Hollywood, FL. 
It was so quick and easy to select the options and then followed with me verifying my identity by scanning my ID with my iPhone camera. I liked how they had security to protect their massuses as well as us knowing that these were professionals and not just a random people coming into our home. 

Within 10min, I had confirmation of a booked appointment and was 1/2 done with our evening's plans. 

2:00 Scheduled the couple's massage on my iPhone app 

3:00 Went to the grocery store 

4:00 Started cooking dinner 

6:30 Dropped off Ava at my mother in law's house for the night. 

7:00 Printed and framed the evening's itinerary at Kinko's. (I swear, I can never figure out any printer that I have ever owned!) 

A bit cheesy but we like cheesy. He laughed and that's all that matters...

By 7:30, Mark was home and reading his birthday cards, Facebook/ Instagram birthday messages from my accounts, and our itinerary for the evening.

I didn't bother with anymore photos (sorry) and enjoyed a relaxing evening with him.

The massuses arrived promptly at 8:45PM to set up their massage tables for our 9:00 appointment. 

Our massages were so relaxing! This was Mark's first "professional" massage by someone other than me and he loved it. 

Happy 30th Birthday, Mark! 
I love you. 


  1. Dear Christina, thank you for making Zeel part of Mark's birthday celebration! We are so glad you enjoyed your Zeel Couples Massage. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. That is a brilliant birthday plan and I may have to copy it for my husband next year!

  3. Wow! That app is such a helpful relief. Usually, the most problematic things with getting massage therapy is knowing where to find them. Good thing there are those comprehensive health services that offer those, which expands the usual relaxation and rejuvenation one usually gets from a massage. Thanks for sharing all about that fun evening, Christina! All the best to you and your family!

    William Connors @ The Healing Station


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