Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!


Hope all of our friends and family had a wonderful day celebrating Easter. 

As Ava woke up, Mark and I got really excited because this was the first time we were getting to watch Ava go outside and find her Easter basket. 
I loved every moment. 
One of the fun parts about being a parent is getting to live out these holidays through the eyes of your child experiencing it all for the first time. 
After she opened her basket, we got ready for church and followed church with a delicious lobster and lamb chop lunch at Mark's family's house. My mother was with us too so it was nice to have both of our moms with us to spend Ava's 1st Easter as an active toddler. I am already looking forward to this holiday season now that Ava is a little older... 

Here is some of how we spent our Easter: 

( I tried to load the video of her going outside to find her basket from the Easter Bunny but it won't play after I load it on here. Sad.) 

Here was Ava's basket. 
She got a: 
-Minnie Mouse (or as she says, "Minnie Mou!"
-A quacking toy duck because Ava loves to say, "Ack! Ack! Ack!" like a duck...
-A light up, spinning bumble bee toy
-A light up chick baton 
-Easter eggs filled with snacks

Inside waiting for Daddy to help her open her basket

All ready for church 

Discovering cookies, raisins, and yogurt melts in her Easter eggs

Mark plays the drums our church's band

Playing with Daddy's drums after service. This makes Mark proud as you can imagine...and especially because no one tells her to do it. She loves playing already. 

 Always running up to the alter 
Our family with Pastor Glick 

Mommy, Ava, Nonna

 The Easter Bunny dropped baskets off at both of Ava's Grandmothers homes 

Nanna & Nonna's Easter Baskets for Ava 

Goofing around with her two uncles. She absolutely LOVES Tommy (Left) and Luke (Right) 

Tommy turned 13 today too!!! Happy Birthday to Ava's Godfather and Uncle Tommy!

Ava taking a ride through the neighborhood with her grandmas after she woke up from her nap 

 All 3 ladies doing the FSU "chop" ...Ava randomly does this on her own now.
She is a true Seminole.

me & mama

Mark with his younger brothers

Happy Easter from our family to yours. 

The McGuire Family 


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    1. Happy Easter to the Bush Family!!! Can't wait to see pictures :) XO

  2. She looked like she loved her basket! And she looks more precious than ever! :) Love that little dress! Glad she had a great Easter!

    Love Always,

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth :) Hope you had a great Easter XO


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