Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday + EASY&Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Yesterday, after I was at Amanda's place (for the "fit&fab" basket) and the park with Ava...

My friend, Jessica, walked over with her 3 month old son, Christian, to visit Ava and I. She brought me her usual breakfast that she makes for herself and her fiancé. Such a sweet surprise!

She makes two Mason jars of this the night before and then all he has to do it grab it out of the fridge  on the way out to work.  I was so excited for the next day to try this...
I got to spend some time with her sweet little boy. Love this chunky monkey. He is the cutest. 

I made these green smoothies while she was here... 

So this morning I was so excited for my oatmeal!
Jessica, if you're reading this... It was was DELICIOUS. I'm not just saying that either. I ate it so slowly that it wouldn't end. I am really full too because it was a lot in there. (And Ava wanted some too) 

The recipe for those who would like to try this super easy, healthy way to have an awesome breakfast: 

•1 cup organic rolled oats to 1 tbsp of organic chia seeds...stir together.

•Add 1 tbsp of organic honey and 1 cup of organic almond milk..... stir again to get the honey throughout the mixture. 

Waa-laa! You're done!!! 

Put the top on your mason jar and it goes into the fridge until tomorrow morning's breakfast! 

(They sell mason jars at Publix too just in case you don't want to head to Michael's or Hobby Lobby.) 

(Also, try to get the "365 Whole Foods Brand" for Almond Milk if you aren't making your own so that you avoid the Carrageenan.... I know, I know... what is Carrageenan and why do I have to worry about that if I am buying organic?! Trust me, I feel the same way.
Here are some other better brands that don't use Carrageenan below: 
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Natura
  • Nature’s Place (original and vanilla)*
  • OMilk NYC
  • Silk PureAlmond (including chocolate-flavored)
  • Simple Truth (Kroger)
  • Trader Joe’s (refrigerated)*
  • Tree of Life (original, unsweetened, vanilla and chocolate)
  • Westsoy

If you would like to see the brands to avoid Carageenan in your organic food... click here!

Or to learn what it is and why to avoid it... click here! 

Toppings the next morning if you want any :
bananas, mini semi sweet chocolate chips, vegan chocolate chips, berries, or it is great all by itself!

I added in 1/2 a banana and a few mini semi sweet chocolate chips... It was DELICIOUS!!!!!! 

I warmed mine up but Jess eats hers cold. Both are delish!
(Ah! ^ me in the morning but very excited for my new breakfast. Picture I sent to Jess. Haha )
I'm going to start making these for Mark since he likes eating oatmeal in the mornings. That way he can do what Jess's fiancé does and just grabs it on his way out for work.

Oh, last night, I made these guys... 
Not organic but they are non GMO which is much better than the alternatives out there. I wanted to surprise Mark since he is such a good sport with being open minded and eating all the healthy food that I give him. 
I have had their chocolate chip cookies before...very good as well! 
They also make sugar cookies. (Publix and Whole Foods sells these) 

And before the delicious oatmeal made me happy.... Well, we got off to a rocky start as I walked into Ava's room this morning to her like this: 

If you know anything about babies, you can imagine that I was not thrilled about this. 

After that all happened, we ate that delicious breakfast above (Ava loved it too) and headed out for a run. 

Post run green smoothie was super green today. As you can tell, I love that neon green color as I typically don't do selfies WITH my smoothies haha. 

Cheers to FRIDAY!!! 

Also, my husband won 2 tickets to Tortuga Music Fest on the local radio show down here this morning! I was so excited when he told me because I was about to go online today and buy those as I didn't realize it was already this weekend. I'm hoping my mom can stay with Ava for a while on Sunday so that he and I can head down there and have a fun beach day with great entertainment. 
If you are family and care to hear Mark win on the radio...go to this link and fast forward to 10min. and 40sec.

Later today, my friend (and neighbor) Jessica will probably come over again with little Christian. I love that I have a close by mom friend that is like-minded and is enjoying learning how to be a healthier person like me. Love her so much and happy that she and I can watch our kiddos grow up together as I've known her now for about 13 years. 

Here's us the other day making 3 ingredient "cookie dough balls" that we are now OBSESSED with. For Recipe: click here

Hoping Mark gets home earlier today so that the 3 of us can head down to the beach and walk around. 

Hope everyone has a fun weekend! 


  1. Thanks for the info on the carrageenan. I've been debating about not buying the coconut milk with
    It in it and I've decided definitely not to now. It's just so hard to find a brand that doesn't have it in my area. And good bye to coffee creamer too =). Oh well! Thanks for the info!!

    1. I know....I need to start looking at that list I posted more now and buy brands without it. Good news is that the 365 Whole Brand doesn't have it! woohoo

  2. Those cookies looked delicious. And I want to get my stomach to look like yours. Mine isnt that flat...and I havent had children! hahah

    Love Always,

    1. Hi Elizabeth!I would like to start making homemade cookies more but for a quick option- these were pretty great! And thank you for the sweet comments. XO


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