Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Weekend

Morning! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Here is a little overview of how we spent ours: 

Saturday morning
Pompano Beach Playground over by Galuppi's in Pompano Beach 

Ava basically wanted to play with a little boy's basketball the entire time...
and stare at balloon boy the remainder of the time. He was very nice to her and entertained her for a while with this balloon blowing skills. 
I studied for my holistic health coaching certification by the pool during the afternoon
When I was done with my week's class module, I invited my mom to a mother daughter dinner date that night.  

If you have not been to Market 17 in Ft. Lauderdale, I highly recommend it! It's a farm to table restaurant and even lists all if the local farms who are their suppliers. It's as organic as it gets. The only downside was when our coffee came out, they served Splenda and Sweet&low... What?! That's super dangerous stuff, all GMO, and linked to cancer, infertility, and lots more.  Gross. 
I already emailed them and let them now and also recommended they replace those with raw honey, stevia, or agave...or just real sugar! Anything is better than that artificial poison. 
Other than that, it was an amazing place full of delicious organic food!!!!
Thank you, Market17 for a perfect setting for our mother daughter date.   


Mark brought home a play kitchen for Ava after church. She LOVES IT ! 
Mark prepping our lunch and Ava prepping hers too. 
Mark and I later went to Tortuga Music Fest on Ft. Lauderdale beach and had a great time.
Can't beat great music on my favorite beach! :) 

Found our goofball friend, Zach, there!  For those who may be wondering what Zach asked me... No, Mark and I are not perfect ALL the time with our eating or drinking. We control what we can, and that is the food in our home. I am clearly drinking a "classy" corona tallboy in the photo below. I later had a "Naked Coconut" which was rum, coconut water, and lime. I didn't want any soda with the high fructose corn syrup, ect. so I tried picking the better of the options they had there. (Which was quite tasty I might add! I would have never thought to use my coconut water as a drink mixer! Thanks, Tortuga!) 

You can only do your best sometimes with what you have at hand...:) 
We found Ashleigh too! Love her :) 
Mark and I had a great time at Tortuga Music Festival with his tickets that he won on the Paul&Young Ron show.

Thank you, mom, for playing with Ava while we were out at the beach.  Ava loves her time with her Nonna. 

This week should be pretty low key for us. I have made it my goal to tackle one little section of our home to declutter and organize each day. Today is the laundry room shelves. Exciting huh?! haha ( I also want to bring back drinking my daily warm lemon water with cayenne  too! I have been slacking on that and I don't know why because I love how I feel when it is in my routine.) 

Next week, we have Mark's dad and step mom flying in from Oregon! I am so excited. I love when they are in town.

Happy Monday, everyone! 



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    1. I am waiting to buy a house until next summer...that gives you 1 year to get it together and get your butts down here!!!! I already found our cute (and not crazy priced) neighborhood on the east side of FTL! We can live side by side, garden - share our crops :), we can volunteer together at our kids catholic schools together, and carpool. Thank about it ;) XOXOXOXO Get movin' !!!! (I am totally serious by the way)

  2. What an awesome weekend girl! I'm going to try Market 17 for sure! Sounds amazing!

    1. It was ...and yes, try it out! It was delish! Oh, and request Wesley as your server. He was so nice and attentive :)

  3. That place looks so good!! Does the warm lemon water with cayenne make you lose weight? Glad you had a good weekend!

    1. "Doing this ritual every morning provides a super stimulant to the liver, your main detoxing organ in the body. Your liver will release uric acid and create bile to safely eliminate environmental and lifestyle toxins that would otherwise be trapped in your digestive system longer. Remember keeping your liver and digestive system clean and in optimal condition will help your body prevent diseases like cancer in the future. Combining cayenne with lemon increases the detoxing effect and raises the temperature of your body increasing your metabolism.

      Drinking this combination will cleanse your body every single day safely and naturally." -Vani Hari (

      You can follow on Facebook just Like her page - she is my ABSOLUTE favorite and uncovers company's bad ingredients while giving you better alternatives to buy..

      More of this healthy habit above it on this page:

      XO Hope you love it as much as we do!


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