Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our 1st : Art Basel MiAMi Beach 2010

Art Basel in Miami Beach
(December 2 - 5, 2010)

Description run-down from the Art Basel Miami Beach website:
"Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in
the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. As the sister event of Switzerland's Art Basel, the most prestigious art show worldwide for the past 41 years,

Art Basel Miami Beach combines an international selection of top galleries with an exciting program of special exhibitions, parties and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design. Exhibition sites are located in the city's beautiful Art Deco District, within walking distance of the beach and many hotels.

An exclusive selection of more than 250 leading art galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, . And every year, a greater number of art collectors, artists, dealers, curators, critics and art enthusiasts from around the world participate in
Art Basel Miami Beach - the favorite winter meeting place
for the international art world."   -

This was the 1st year my mother, Mark, and I had ever been to Art Basel. My mom had heard about it and asked me if I would want to go. I mentioned to Mark one night how much my mom had wanted to check it out and an hour later he handed my mom a gift bag with the "Payment Confirmation for 3 tickets to Art Basel." Mom was thrilled...
Not knowing what to expect, we headed out preparing for massive lines and crowds...Once we got there, parked and headed toward the convention center; it wasn't that bad. Mark hopped over to Will Call, picked up our tickets, and we were on our way in. Once we were in, we were accompanied by hundreds of "artsy fartsies" as we endearingly called them and little cafe booths were one could get some champagne- coffee-wine- sparkling water...whatever your artsy heart desired. :)
I grabbed un cafe' and headed out for some art analyzing...these are just a couple that I took my phone out for a picture.

We like to think this is a Seminole tribe preparing some gator meat for a meal :)

What I feel like in the morning after a long night

I told Mark I would go hunting if I got to put rhinestones all over the antlers like this interesting piece...

This had Brillo pads for hair. Quite creative I must say.

Watching "LOVE" light up.

Mama Maria is fascinated

 Mark had more fun people watching I think.

This one is just about 1/20 of the entire piece. If you looked closely to it, you could see that it was made all from buttons, stickers, pins, ect. This one was fun to look at.

Our 1st experience at Art Basel Miami Beach 2010.

 It was interesting to see Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and other artists that Peter Olsen(my grade school art teacher at St. Anthony - who was also an artist himself) spoke about. We would learn how to tell each apart and what the artist was well known for. Now, I was finally getting to see them all in one place. Now I have been to museums and seen pieces like the one I am describing, but I suppose in this case I was a lot more interested seeing hundred of booths from around the world all in Miami Beach. All their own styles, ideas, and ideas of "art." I must say, I definitely think the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" truly embodies what "art" is to the individual...
At times I would look at Mark and he would look over at me as if to say, "REALLY, I CAN DO THIS!" Ha   I will say for all the pieces that looked like someone spray painted a canvas and then framed it...there were pieces that looked like they took several several ...several years to finish and perfect. I think it was a great experience and I recommend that you visit next time you are in town during Art Basel. 

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