Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Part I - FSU v UF Game: VICTORY for the Good Guys

Where oh where should I begin? Unless you live under a rock, or merely watch ESPN and their lack of FSU footage (due to being run by uf communication's interns), you may have heard a little something about the FSU v UF game...

This post will be about our gameday experience like my previous posts. Mark has agreed to write the second part of this and give his reaction to the stay tuned.

This past weekend began on Friday afternoon when we rolled into Tallahassee with Matthew and, little sister, Kendall Davenport. We headed to the Ale House for some game watching and beers followed by Ken's Tavern on the Tennessee St. strip. We stayed there as our friends arrived to kick off the amazing weekend that was about to ensue.

Mark and I stayed in a hotel across the street from the bar scene so that "stumbling distance" was possible for this weekend- which was a nice for a typical night at Ken's.

Early Saturday morning I woke up to Mark telling me, as always, that it is gameday (like I don't already know this?) and already heading out to grab us breakfast. My instructions: to be ready when he gets back.
When he does, it is time to kick off the tailgating. I'd say it was roughly 40 degrees that morning but was going to turn into WONDERFUL football weather. We started off as usual, the ladies drinking their mimosas and listening to the fight songs which circulatied through the campus speakers. Glorious.

Our tailgate was like the many of this season except for our new addition of the Roche's deep fryer. Mark had purchased some gator meat for this game, so our lovely friends; Jared and Jacki Roche kindly brought their deep fryer to cook it up just right. Alligator, chicken and hush puppies were the main food attraction.


The men who make it happen every gameday.

Jared Roche frying up some goodness.

This tailgate was one that was looked forward to all season, yet easily awaited for being as it would be our last home game tailgate. Playing corn hole, listening to oldies but goodies, visiting with friends coming by our tailgate to say hello, and of course the usual - busting out the Dougie.

Erika Roche teaching her "hubby" - Matthew Davenport her dougie moves.
 And then came time for gator scalping.....

We headed to our booster seats, fearing that since it was a sold out game, we couldn't move to our "go to" seats and stand/yell the whole game; rather sit and politely clap with the other boosters. Luckily, no one was in the sitting mood. I cannot even begin to explain the energy that radiated through Doak Campbell Stadium. I do not remember the cheering dying down...ever, nor any one in that stadium sitting down. FSU supplied the fans with garnet and gold pom poms and "GO FSU" posters. If I can say one thing, it is that the pom poms were an amazing addition to the chop. The chop is exciting enough to see all in unison but adding on all the streamers throughout the entire stadium was a great view.

And if I can reiterate anything it would be that I was very impressed with the intensity on behalf of the Seminole fans. We were so loud that the gator players were literally waving their arms as if saying "WHAT DO I DO?!?!" They couldn't hear each other at all. Calling and having to use their time outs while we just did what our players instructed us to do: GET LOUD. I love when our players jump up and down and tell us to get louder and louder because well, we listen. So as cheering got louder and only intensifying the whole game, the score got sexier, and I started to realize we were not only winning - we were dominating.

Now for the best part, as the gators headed for hills, the NOLES stayed and celebrated our New Era. "Gator-3rd world country- nation" met Jimbo-Nation in those hours. It felt great to watch our players run out and take in the Seminole fans' gratitude for their hard work and commitment to the program.
As the coaches and players ran out onto the field, the fireworks started and I was one happy girl.

final score

After the game, we stuck around and took it all in. Some pictures were taken, hugs and high fives, and buying up final score posters that were made minutes beforehand.
Then it was time to head back to our booster tailgate spot to eat and drink some more...for celebratory tailgate time.

Mark will be making a guest posting appearance later on this week when his crazy work schedule wraps up for the those who enjoy facts, numbers, and his perspective on the whole thing. Plus, he's a much better writer than I am, so I look forward to reading too!

Go Noles


  1. It was the most amazing game I have ever been to at Doak Campbell Stadium, or anywhere else for that matter.

  2. Although I love reading your posts, I am very intrigued by this upcoming post from Mark :)


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