Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Becoming Boosters

Well, as many of you are already aware...Mark and I became FSU Boosters the day after we moved back to Florida. The season tickets were the best investment we could have made. Wins or losses, we have been been having the most incredible time seeing our good friends every/everyother weekend in Tallahassee. We look forward to our tailgates (getting better every game) and sharing days and nights with our pals.

                          *This is our friend, Nancy, preparing an amazing breakfast at the tailgate*

From eggs Benedict to lobster tails, each of our friends bring their own additions to the tailgates...

We call this football season our "guinea pig season" because it is our first as season ticket holders. We are testing out what works and what will make the next tailgate even better. Mark and our friend, Matthew Davenport, are planning BIG things for next season's tailgates. From the grilling and cooking plans to the media equipment that will be purchased for game watching and music.
Can't wait to see what these two come up with...

Tallahassee visits have also been filled with dancing day and night :)
Mark likes to twirl me around when he's had a few...hah

Erika teaching Mike how to "dougie"

Late nights out after the games (Emily, Me, Erika, and Nancy)

I often agree with what Jackie Roche has said before and that is, "We will be homeless before we do not purchase FSU Season Tickets ever again..."
We have loved planning, attending the games, and having the ability to spend time with our friends who live all over the state of FL...and even our out of state pals who fly in.

We thank Jared Roche....

for sitting Mark down in front of his computer to show us which Booster level and which tickets to purchase on our first day back in FL. We look forward to every FSU Football Season with our pals.


The McGuires

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  1. Oh and the mom loves the tailgating company so much!! I'll keep bringing the tails and stone crab claws, if I get invited again!! Love you all!!


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