Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My "Name Change Experience" at the DMV(s)

Mark and I got our marriage license about 3 weeks before we had our wedding. At the courthouse, they told Mark and I that I should wait about 2 weeks after our wedding (after our "witnessed" form signed by our priest and witnesses gets mailed in) so that it has time to process. Well, 2 weeks after the wedding...I put off going to the Social Security office...for obvious reasons. The lines, the time waiting with not being allowed to use your phone, and all the other reasons people hate going into government agencies. Well, I finally went. After talking to a man about his church (not by choice) and then being invited to attend his church, my number was finally called.
The lady helped me and I was out of there in about 1 hour. I consider that good time.
After that, weeeeeks go by and I still have yet to get a new driver's license. My new Social Security card had been mailed to me and life was good. Not good enough for Mark. Day after day he asked me when I was going to change my driver's license. For him, our marriage wasn't official if my name was still "Vega" on my license?! 

About a week ago, I made our plates of dinner and skipped putting Brussel sprouts on my plate. I added all of the other vegetables except those (I HATE Brussel sprouts!)
 As Mark kept making me eat brussel sprouts he said, "If you go and get your license changed tomorrow, you don't have to eat the brussel sprouts." Obviously he was playing around with me, but I knew it meant a lot to him. And let's be serious...3 months after our wedding was probably enough time to put off going to the dreadful DMV.
I told him that I would go Wednesday morning (6 days after the brussel sprout incident). Well this morning crept up on me and my alarm was set for 6:30am. My goal was to wake up, shower, get pretty for my new picture, and beat the line at the DMV on Atlantic Blvd. by getting there before 8am- when they open.

I pull up to the DMV and there are only 3 people waiting in line at the door. "Thank God!" I thought to myself. Well, 8:05am came along after waiting out in 40 degree weather, the door opens, and the kind man yells, "If you don't have an appointment, we can't help you! This is an appointment only office!"

"CRAAAAAP!!!!" I think to myself (Well, I was thinking another word but I will keep this PG. rated.
 I huff and puff to my car and start typing away on my iphone. Trying to find another DMV near by in Fort Lauderdale, I call one to find out if they are appt. only. NO ANSWER. As I am about to have a melt down, I get home- get on the computer- and look up another DMV with no sign of "Appt. only" anywhere. Let me just add here that when I looked up the hours of the previous DMV- I had not seen the "Appointment only."

I almost through a hissy fit and was just going to tell Mark that I would go another day once I calmed down, but I was on a mission. I didn't want to prepare for this DMV trip on another day. I wanted to get it over with NOW.

So now it is 8:30am...I get in my car, with coffee to-go mug in tow, and head out to DMV #2. I was mentally preparing myself for a line out the door now that I was 30 min late of opening time.

To my Shock and Surprise, I walk in and there were 3 people in the "walk-in" line. THANK. YOU. GOD," I thought.
I gave the pleasant lady all of my documents proving that I was Christina Maria Vega and had received a marriage license stating my new name, Christina Maria McGuire.

Documents needed:  Old Driver's license obviously...
1. Passport
2 .Social Security Card
3.Vehicle Registration
4. 2 forms of mail (from a bank, credit cards, ect.) to your name and current address

Once I was cleared, I took my number and waited in the next room until they called my number. After entering in all of my new information and taking my new picture, I paid $25 and was set to go! They told me to wait about 5 minutes as my new card was being made and that they would call me over by name.
As I waited, my mother was calling...(Probably making sure I wasn't freaking out) Then, as I'm talking to her, apparently the called once for me. As it had only been about 1 min, I wasn't fully paying attention thinking that I had about 5 min. (My fault)
I then hear the last part of "McGuiiiiiire!" and literally jump up and drop my phone. Running up to the desk yelling "here!" like a 2nd grader being called into class attendance, the lady laughs saying "You don't even know your new name yet!!!"
All 20 people now in the DMV and myself had a chuckle, she handed my my new driver's license, and I was a happy girl. It was about 9:20am. Taking about 30 min. from walk in to walk out, I was done!
"Christina Maria McGuire" is officially on my Driver's License. Now Mark can be happy and relax :)



  2. Haha I love the story! At least you were aware that you were going to have to take a new picture, I thought they would just use the old one. I went to get my new license the day after we got back from our honeymoon and I was just planning on working around the house all day, thank god I actually put make up on. So my driver's license picture is me sporting a sweet messy bun up-do and everytime I buy alcohol, the people always laugh at my license :)


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