Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Our girls...

I type that with a smile because we have reached the point where Ava is now trying her best to play with her little sister, Elle. 
Since Elle is only 6 months old, Ava is tickling her, "reading" to her, and holding her when mama is close by. Elle adores Ava already. Whenever Ava is around, Elle is happier and she can't take her eyes off of her. 

I sent my husband a video yesterday of Ava tickling Elle. It was the first time that I caught Ava playing with Elle on her own without one of us asking her to. I was in the kitchen and Elle was on her foam mats in the living room. I started to hear Elle giggle and came over to find her cracking up because of big sister. 

My husband wrote back, "That just made my day." 

It made my entire last 6 months! 
I am not going to sugarcoat a thing when I say that these last 6 months have been pretty tough for me. 
Between Mark traveling back and forth from Chicago to help manage the branch up there, waking every 3 hours to breastfeed Elle at night, and just trying to learn my "new normal" of taking care of two small children while keeping our house clean and running smoothly... This mama is tired! 

When I saw Ava tickling Elle, my heart was full. I was reminded again why we decided to have another baby. Mark and I wanted another child to love as well as a sibling for Ava. In that moment, my exhaustion was worth it all. They will only be little for so long but this sisterly bond that they are forming is just beginning. 

My husband and I both have siblings who we love very much but didn't grow up with them. My siblings lived with my father and step mother and my husband's did too. My husband's mother later had two little boys once he was graduating high school and going off to college. For most of our childhood, we grew up as only children. We are not complaining though. We both agree that we had great childhoods while still getting to visit our siblings. We also both agree that just because we aren't familiar with a different situation than our own, it doesn't mean that it cannot be equally as great or even better. We wanted to grow our family and experience being parents to siblings while watching that relationship form and grow on a daily basis. We know that we will have to play mediator to disagreements and such, but we will also get to watch a lifelong bond unfold as well. 

I am grateful for our family and wouldn't change a thing. Not even the sleepless nights... 

It won't be like this for long. 

A loyal sister is worth a thousand friends. 
– Marian Eigerman

"The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend."
-Cali Rae Turner

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