Monday, June 9, 2014

Motherhood: toddler stage

I've been meaning to post a little "Ava Update" now that she is a year and a half. (Well, technically she is is 19months)
So much had changed in 7 short months since she turned 1! 
These photos are from this morning: coloring at her table. She gets VERY EXCITED when she gets to you can tell by the SQUEALS (screams) of excitement captured below. 

Ava's vocabulary consists of: 

1. "Tank tu" (thank you)  ---This one is my favorite. Ava uses "Thank you" where it should be a "Please."   She will hand you something that she wants opened or a tuned on, for example, and say, "Tank tu!"  As Mark says, "She is anticipating to close the deal before it happens..." Such a salesman thing to say. ha.

2. No
3. "Yo-guh!!!!!!!" (Yogurt) 
4. Mommy
5. "Da-deee" (daddy)
6. Nana 
7. "Nuh-na" (Nona: grandma in Italian))
8. "Gook" (Luke:her uncle) 
9. "App-oh" (Apple)
10. Boo (her stuffed animal, Boo the Pomeranian) 
11. Wooow!
12. Lolo (my grandpa) 
13. Hola 
14. "Buh-bo!" (Bubbles)
15. Hi 
16. "Ice" (points to her eyes)
17. "Minnie mou!" (Minnie mouse) 
18. Eh-mo!" (Elmo) 
19. "Ight" (light) 
20. Off 
21. "Aw done" (all done)
22. "Ack" (Snack) ---Unless there is duck around in our neighborhood...then she is quacking at the duck. (Her quack is more  like ack ack!) 
23. "Baw!" (ball)

23. "Heh-woah" (hello) 
24. Bye! 
25. Aaa-choo!     (When she teases me for sneezing) 
26. "Go! Go!"    (When she wants to watch Dr. Suess at 6:30pm...he has a song where they sing "When we go! go! go! go!...on an adventure..." 
27. "Muahh!" (When she wants a kiss) 

Sign language: (My mom was born to deaf parents and so my mom teaches her ASL) 

1. Mommy 
2. Daddy 
3. Thank you 
4. Please 
5. Milk 
6. More 
7. Book 
8. Doggy 
9. Water (working on it) 
10. Wop (a not so nice slang word for Italians.  You can thank my Italian mom for that...) 

Ava's favorite foods:

Avocado, meatballs, yogurt with chia seeds mixed in, applesauce, bananas, oatmeal, raisins, pancakes, peas, beans, toast with almond butter, strawberries 

Ava's favorite toys: 

-Anything with buttons (play phones, computers, etc) 
-Mini size animals (She has a toy barn with tons of animals that she plays with a lot. 
-a mini piano 
-play drum sticks 
-her play kitchen 
-Cooper's (our dog's) toys....
-rubber blocks 
-Minnie mouse 

Ava's sleeping patterns:
Ava had been sleeping through the night since she was about 7 weeks old.
Now, at 19mo. she naps at 12:30 until about 2:30/3:00ish. and is back in bed around 7:30/8PM. 
She gets up around 7:30/8AM.  

Ava's personality:

As a toddler, Ava has become goofier and very silly. She loves making funny faces and imitating others around her. As a mother of a toddler, I can definitely have my "moments" of exhaustion. She isn't always a bundle of fun and it shows her her crankiness. She pouts and kicks when she doesn't get her way. All I can do is take a deep breath and remain calm in those situations. (Those fussy moments normally happen because she is tired and needs a nap...or she is just being a typical toddler!) 
I know that we have a lot more "fun" in the future as the two's and three's are supposed to be another level of crazy toddler tantrums... Lord help me. 

Overall, Ava a a good girl that loves to give us kisses. She loves cuddling up and being held when Mark gets home. ...Each morning, Ava asks for "da-dee" when I get her out of her crib and runs to our room to find an empty bed.  On the weekend, she squeals in excitement when she sees that he is home. It's a cute sight to see :) 
Ava also gets excited after lunch when she knows that it is her "Nuh-na" (Nona)'s time to come visit her....She gets very excited to put on her shoes when she knows we are going to see her Nana, Papa, and her uncles "Gook"(Luke) and Tommy.  
...She smiles the whole time as she hears her "Lala and Lolo" (her Cuban great grandparents) speaking to her in Spanish over speaker phone and gets even more excited when we head out to Miami to visit them weekly...
Ava loves turning on and off the Himalayan salt lamp's switch on my nightstand table and shouts, "ight!" (Light) 
...She loves moving/rolling her shoulders when she is dancing to music (or bopping up and down like she's "droppin' it like it's hot" hahaha 
....Ava LOVES ducks! She starts quacking at them ("Ack!!! Ack!!! Ack!!!") when we are out walking in our neighborhood. 

I could go on forever...

((I'll wrap it up here as she is now napping and I take this lovely time to shower and catch up on my holistic health classes online.))

We love you, goof nugget. You make me and daddy so proud each and every day. You are so smart and so beautiful. Every day has it's ups and downs but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Mommy is so grateful to be home with you and watch you grow into a fun and silly little girl. 



  1. Love, love love this age...but you're's tough sometimes when they throw their little fits. Over nothing usually!! The pictures of her coloring are the sweetest. :)

    1. Exactly...over nothing! Haha Thanks for stopping by :) XO

  2. She is so sweet, and reminds me some what of my Stella girl!!


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