Thursday, September 26, 2013


Today has been a little interesting... Not really but it was a bit confusing and exhausting this morning. 

Ava would not take her usual morning nap today and was just cranky all morning. My usual happy and content baby was just making noise all morning - not necessarily crying the whole time...just bored/irritated sounding noises.
It made me feel lost- like I didn't know what I was doing. As a first time mom, this feeling stinks. It's not always like that (thank goodness) but from time to time your baby knows how to make you feel clueless. 

She was just having a rough morning I guess... 
I get it, the poor little thing can't have coffee yet- I'd be crabby too. 

So now that she is napping and looks so peaceful and adorable haha I made myself laugh while reading these... 

Enjoy, fellow mamas! 

But remember...

It's all VERY worth it :) 

Now go call your mom (or whoever raised you) and tell them you love them!  

Enjoy the rest of the day and know that we are all in it {together}, mamas!  

And Now I'm going to have some afternoon coffee with {my} mom outside on the rocking chairs while Ava naps.  Grateful to have her so close by.



  1. Definitely what I needed to read today. My daugther was fussy today. I am still getting use to this motherhood thing( my daughter is only two months old)

  2. Love the comics! I'm cracking up, I so relate! -- thanks for the laugh


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