Monday, August 5, 2013

Play date!

Today, Ava and I ventured out to Weston for a play date with Carter & Kelsey. 

It was nice getting to catch up with Kristine(their mama) and fellow mom friend of mine who also went to high school with me. (Her husband did too.) 

Now that they are sitting up by themselves it was nice to see them playing with the musical toys, chewing on each other's toys... You get it :) 

Kristine and Mike were living in Plantation when we first met up, so I got to see their new home in Weston. It was very nice and had a lot of space to play for the kiddos. 

Ava is only about 2 weeks older but about 5lbs heavier than Kelsey. Don't let Kelsey's petite frame fool you though... She is already standing up and crawling! I was so impressed!!! 

Carter is getting so big! He is almost 2 years old :) He loves being close and showing us all his toys. He was getting a kick out of my phone and snapped about 50 pictures. Haha. 

We didn't get too many photos because of course I remember to take some RIGHT before nap time. No one was in a photo shoot kind of mood..haha. These are the best ones I got. :)

 Showing Carter how we can see our reflection in the phone screen. 

It is always nice getting to hang out with a fellow mom- especially one that I have already known for years. She is also a "like-minded" mama so she gets me and is very into organic, natural living when possible. 

Thank you, Kristine for having us over to your beautiful, new home. Ava and I had a great time! 

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