Monday, July 29, 2013

Mommy & Me Yoga

Today seemed like a good day to try our first class as a mother-daughter duo. Why has it taken me this long!? Well for one, this class fit perfectly into our eating/napping schedule. The class was given at Boca Raton Children's Museum from 10-10:30AM. It was perfect. The moms were extremely friendly and all the kids (and little yoga mats!) were adorable. It wasn't a large class but I have a feeling that it will get bigger. Ava fit right in... They encourage children as young as 4 months to as old as 4 years old. 

Ava was so vocal during yoga. She wanted to talk to all the babies and kids! It is nice to be around adults that understand that babies will be babies and make noise - and that it is OKAY :) 

Ava was the only one wearing a bow so she figured she would just eat it. 

Amy is a great instructor! So patient and kind. She makes the class feel very casual and warm. 

The little girl being held by her mom all the way to the right was Ava's buddy. She would walk to me and A from time to time and smile, wave hi, or sit on my mat with us. 

We have definitely found something that is a great "fit" for us. I look forward to continuing Bikram yoga (aka: hot yoga) as a personal activity for "me time" as well as being able to do these kinds of yoga classes {with} Ava. 

This is not a yoga pose... Just me and A having fun after class and a nice mom capturing the moment. :) We do this a lot at home. It is her superwoman pose and she LOVES it! 

Came home and made my daily green juice! This one was spinach, ginger, lemon, mango, and sprouts

How was your morning? Hope everyone has a nice rest of their Monday!



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