Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our 1st McGuire Family Vacation

We did it! 4 flights with Ava and no crying! (my kid is a rockstar...)
Back to my post...
We just came back from our first ever: Family Vacation! 
We flew out to Oregon and stayed with Mark's dad and step mom. We also drove up to Washington and stayed at the Crescent Bar house. Here are some photos from the vacation... Enjoy! 

Ava being silly on the plane. 

Look who was on our plane! Erik Spoelstra!!!

Mom & Dad McGuire picked us up in the motor home! They don't mess around with a warm welcoming... Wine, cheese, and kiwi for us after two long flights. I wanted to give them a HUGE KISS when I saw all of this. ha

The McGuire Home in West Linn, OR

Father & Son

The next morning we went to church and then were off to Crescent Bar in Washington for the vacation home! Road Trip!

Ava did great in the 5 hour drive to Crescent Bar...
(which gave Mark hope for drives up to Tallahassee, FL with Ava to watch FSU play this Fall) 

The views on this drive were incredible! One second you're looking at volcanoes and lush mountains in Oregon and the next you're looking at deep cliffs and desert looking landscape in Washington. 

We made it! The next 2 nights were spend on the Columbia River. The Crescent Bar house is on amazing property and in the best spot on the island. Look at our view!!! 
Not bad, huh?

I went to the pool with Mama McGuire and Ava while the Mark and his father played golf. Ava literally fell asleep on Sue while she walked her around the pool. It was a cute sight. 

Ava and her favorite buddy. 

Ava turned 8 months while we were at Crescent Bar!
Our baby is getting so big. 

Always HAPPY!

Cuddling inside. Letting her go au natural 

After the two days, we headed back to Oregon. I couldn't get enough of their terrace. I LOVED sitting out here every chance that I could. From here, you could see tall green trees, mountains, and a sunset for as far as the eye could see. Mom McG would put jazz music on the outside speakers for us while trying to convince us to move here ;) haha She is sneaky, that one! 

At the end of our stay, we all drove to Portland, OR and had some VooDoo Doughnuts! World famous! 

Yes, that's a Maple Bacon Doughnut....So bad for you, but so amazing. 

Mom McG and I picked these up at the West Linn Farmer's Market. 

Hydrangeas on the side of their home. I was obsessed. 

A centerpiece for dinner that night. :) 

We had a lot of fun in the basement with the pool table, rock band, darts, etc. Family fun time :)

We had the best time with Mom and Dad McG.
 We cannot wait to return to Oregon!
We loved it there.


  1. It looks like you had a great vacation. I hope to go to Oregon next year.

  2. I love Oregon - my hubby's family lives there too!! We actually just got back from a trip there! Oh how I wish we could get out of this heat and move there, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the seasons :)


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