Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Mother's Day

This morning started off with me getting to sleep in and Mark getting up to feed Ava. He brought me hot tea to wake me up so I could get ready for 9:30 church. He gave me a card from him and one that "Ava made me."

His card came with nice gift for a new mama: a spa day :)

We went to church followed by brunch at his mom's house. We made crepes, had mimosas, and opened gifts.
One of my favorite parts was when Mark's mom cried after reading her card. (I just love a good happy tears cry :)

Now, I am poolside with my mama enjoying the sunshine together. This is how we unwind- lounging in the sun.

This year we gave my mother a scenic trail horseback ride with me. There is a ranch she basically grew up on about 30min of where we live. Bar-B-Ranch. She was so excited when she saw that she would be returning to her favorite childhood spot. That made me really happy.

Well, the day isn't over... Mark has been spoiling me all day. I have such a thoughtful and loving husband.

I'm feeling very blessed and grateful today.

Motherhood has taught me so much. I appreciate the fact that it has made slow down, take a deep breath when I get overwhelmed and realize that the days are long but the years (or in my case, months) are short. Little Ava is growing up so fast already. I'm cherishing each and every moment- even the times I have to go to her room in the middle of the night to help her find a pacifier or change her. I'll know that one day she will be 18 and I'll wish for her to need me again like that.

Thank you for choosing me to your mama, Ava. I'll always do my very best to make you proud of me.

Happy Mother's Day again to the amazing mothers in my life- and a special one to the new mothers. ;)



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