Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snapshots of Today! {Feb. 12th 2013}

Snapshots from today...

Today an old high school friend of mine, Justine,  came over with her GORGEOUS little girl, Karlee. 

Justine now lives in Michigan with her husband and daughter. She was down to visit family and friends in Florida. I was happy that she thought of Ava and I to visit while she was down here. 

After catching up over some coffee and snacks, we headed out with our girls for a stroll. 

{side note: little Karlee wore the cutest bonnet I have ever seen! It was white and embroidered...I loved it! Justine told me that she would mail me one when she went back to Michigan if they still carried them where she got hers for Karlee. woo!} 
I gave Karlee a little purple bow for her adorable blonde hair. She was wearing purple so I thought it was fitting ;) 

Here are some pictures from earlier today....

Miss Ava wearing her pearl bracelet and waiting for her guests :) {Thank you, Sarah Waldrup, for this adorable bracelet for our little lady}

Miss Karlee eating her "puffs" and ready to stroll...

                     Buddies and future St. Thomas Aquinas students... ;) 

Mark and Ava cuddling before her bedtime. Ava likes his beard...

That's it. Pretty low key Tuesday but a great day getting to spend time with another mommy-daughter duo!

Happy February 12th - Mark was organizing his receipts from last year (he keeps them all for tax purposes) and came across the one from last Feb 12th. We were eating at Aruba's on Commercial Blvd and A1a on the beach when he told me that he thought we should start trying to have a baby. So today was official "Make Ava day!" hahaha T.M.I??! sorry. 

About 2 weeks later I found out that I was pregnant... 

Oh, and HAPPY 2nd Anniversary to my middle school BFF, Mrs. Ashley Koval (Leiper) & Joseph Koval!!!!! 

I was honored to be in her wedding!

Now make some babies you two!!! :) ha

Love you, Ashley. Enjoy your anniversary. Mark and I miss you. We hope to see you soon and introduce you to the Ava beans. 

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