Monday, November 26, 2012

Ava's Birth {11.2.12}

Sorry for the delay...I have not uploaded pictures from an actual camera in about a decade. My iphone picture uploads are so much easier for me. Here are the pictures I found on my camera from Ava's big day. 

Sorry - this one is a bit graphic. This is Ava about 2 seconds old. Mark got yelled at from my doctor for taking this picture! They are so touchy these days...geesh! 

Seeing my daughter for the first time. Words cannot describe the feeling... 

With my father - Ava's proud grandpa

My mom - she calls herself "Nonna Mia" - Nonna is Italian for grandmother

Our pastor that married us came to visit Ava and bless her in the hospital :) 

Nanna Lorenz and Uncle Luke & Tommy

My cousin, Alexa, loving on her new little cousin 

My Uncle, Aunt, and three cousins came to meet Ava

Proud new family of 3!

Taking Miss Ava home! 

I can't believe Ava will be 1 month old on Friday! So crazy how it really does goes by so fast...even when you are running on no sleep (ha)

Love her more with each passing day!

 Motherhood is not easy- but it is a privilege, a gift, and a blessing that I cherish. 

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