Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Ava Looks Like at 24 Weeks!

Today we are at Week...
Just looking back and seeing how far we have come since Feb. 29th, 2012 when I learned that Mark and I were expecting! From the size of a poppy seed to now the size of a cantaloupe...
Ava is now a little over a pound and almost 1ft. long. Her brain is growing quickly now, she can hear me and outside noises, and her taste buds and lungs are continuously developing.

Ava at 9 weeks - Seeing her heartbeat!

Ava at 13 weeks - Seeing her jump around!
These photos below are not of Ava, but I looked up what a 24 week fetus looks like and here we are today: 

Crazy, huh? I can't believe she is that big right now! At this point, she could survive if heaven forbid she was born this early, but there would be a very high risk of complications and still chances of not surviving. It feels like yesterday that I was reading about how she was the size of a "poppy seed" or "apple seed" and now she is the size of a whooping "cantaloupe!"

Keep growing, little one! We have 16 weeks to go! 

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