Monday, July 23, 2012

Update: More gifts for Baby Ava!

I wanted to keep up with my Ava updates for family and friends (especially to say an extra special Thank You besides the 'Thank You' cards that I send...)

Shortly after Mark and I made our baby registry, we received a gift from our good friend, Billy Sandidge. Billy went to high school with me at St. Thomas Aquinas and is now a friend and co worker to Mark. Both me and Billy have favorite pictures of ourselves in sailor outfits as babies, so he sent a nautical baby dress that we had registered for! Ava will look precious in this dress. I can't wait. 

These are two more little outfits from Mark's mom, Debbie. :-)

These are 7 outfits (just the beginning from what I was told) from my dad and my step mother. 

During Ali & Lee Baker's wedding weekend in Chicago 2 weeks ago, Sarah Waldrup surprised me with a beautiful, handmade baby blanket. She chose a pink a mint green one to match her nursery. 
Thank You, Panda!

And here we have some not so glamorous gifts (BUT MUCH NEEDED ONES) from my mom - baby wipes! And LOTS of them - over 1,000 wipes! She is buying in bulk. So Ava will have a clean tush for a while... :) 

 And just today, I had a dentist appointment for a 6 month cleaning. I started going to Dr. Jeson when Mark and I got married. He and his family have been going to Dr. Jeson since they moved down to Florida when Mark was little. They are a small office off of Commercial Blvd. and Bayview Drive in Ft. Lauderdale. 
Dr. Jeson's wife even works in the office and bakes cookies on a daily basis for all of their patients! They are the kind of people that remember things you say and can't wait to hear how your school, wedding, job, or pregnancy is going. As soon as I walked in, they all ran up to see my belly. I feel like you just don't get that "small town" feel a lot anymore from your local businesses. When I finished up with my appointment, scheduled my next appointment (for a time in the afternoon that my mom could stay with Ava! - It was a surreal scheduling moment for me!)  they had a gift waiting for Mark and I. We got a very cute pop up card and a baby book and rattle set. So very thoughtful of them. 

So if you're looking for a great dentist and a friendly staff, Dr. Jeson, D.D.S. is wonderful. 

 If you decide to go to Dr. Jeson- tell them Mark and Christina McGuire sent you! :) 

 Thank you to all that have been sending gifts for our Ava. We are in the middle of moving right now and could not be more excited to start on her nursery! I will post pictures when it is complete. 

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